Bitwarden adds secure text and file transfers
Bitwarden adds secure text and file transfers

Bitwarden's free and open source password manager service adds a feature called "Send" that allows you to use a link on the website to share files or texts, including passwords, end-to-end via AES 256 bits. Encryption to send safely.

Many of the current password managers allow you to share passwords with your family, other people, or groups.

Managers like Bitwarden and 1Password have special ways to share passwords or password combinations to make it easier for families to access shared streaming services.

If you want to send a file (up to 100MB) visit the Bitwarden website and click the "Submit" button.

After you upload a file or create a text message, the send feature creates a link that you can send via email, text message, or any other method you choose.

When the person you're sending clicks on the link - it doesn't have to be a registered user of Bitwarden - they'll be sent to a page where you can view the text message or download the file.

Before sending the link, you can add several security features that allow you to set the date and time for automatic file removal from the linked page, as well as the link's expiration date. So when you click on the link, you will receive this notification to inform you that it is no longer available.

You can specify the number of times the file is accessed, the number of times the file is viewed, and the link password.

If you are using the send feature to compose a text message, you can by default hide it during your visit so that the text cannot be read immediately.

Part of the new send functionality should be available for editing Bitwarden users as it allows them to send text messages, but not files.

Members with premium accounts can send texts and files.

Bitwarden appears to have taken full advantage of the widespread migration that LastPass reported recently as the latter put new restrictions on its free accounts.

Since there are many free services for sending encrypted files like WeTransfer and it is very helpful to send information (like passwords, personal information, and account numbers) in a secure way, Bitwarden seems to have a good new transfer from the cause of LastPass.

The new broadcast functionality is expected to be available on Monday, March 15th.

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