Apple discontinued the HomePod smart speaker
Apple discontinued the HomePod smart speaker

Apple discontinued the original HomePod smart speaker after four years and announced that it would continue production and focus on the HomePod mini it launched last year.

The larger HomePod provides better sound space, but the HomePod mini is well received.

Obviously, HomePod mini can do many tasks intended for the larger version, as the audio feature is particularly powerful, especially suitable for large format audio, and has access to Apple's Siri voice assistant.

The original HomePod was a breakthrough in acoustics, and Apple spent more than five years developing it.

To complete their development work, the Apple team set up a full development center near Cupertino's headquarters, providing dozens of anechoic rooms for a world-class development environment, including one of the largest anechoic chambers outside of American science.

Not only do these rooms test the sound quality of subwoofers, but they also allow Apple to closely study and mitigate issues that are typically caused by a compact subwoofer.

There are smaller rooms where you can isolate the hum of electronic components and try to isolate and control this noise so it doesn't show up in the final output.

The main problem with the amplifiers is the $ 350 price which is way too high for smart home amplifiers, especially the amplifiers with built-in home assistants.

The HomePod mini, which was launched last year, was well received and the sound was very loud at $ 100.

Apple said in a shutdown statement: Since its launch last fall, the HomePod mini has been hugely popular, providing customers with great audio, smart assistants and smart home controls for $ 100.

"We are focusing our energies on the HomePod mini, while abandoning the original HomePod, to continue shipping products through Apple's online stores, Apple stores, and authorized Apple distributors, and Apple makes them available for HomePod," she added. CUSTOMERS Service provides software updates, services, and support through Apple Care.

And Apple appears to be relying on the HomePod mini in the future, which may indicate people wanting to fill every room with enough sound rather than focusing on the living room.

Besides multiple speaker configurations, the HomePod itself has not yet reached the level that it can use as a complete home theater alternative.

The search for and production of larger smart home speakers continues in one way or another thanks to the advanced audio display systems that have resulted in spatial sound in AirPods.

The move is not entirely unexpected as sales of the larger smart home speaker were said to have declined.

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