Canon wants to convert a DSLR camera into a webcam
Canon wants to convert a DSLR camera into a webcam

Canon has announced the launch of its webcam accessories package, which will greatly benefit owners of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Canon has announced three versions of its range of accessories, which are available for initial order through Adorama, Amazon, Best Buy and B&H Photo. The retailer announced that the initial order will be shipped on March 25th.

Each group contains different parts. However, all three packages contain a USB cable to connect the camera to a desktop or laptop computer, a battery insert and a power cord so you can power your Canon camera from an electrical outlet.

It is important to note that none of these kits contain a tripod for mounting the camera.

Two of these kits are priced at $ 89.99 each and are compatible with the EOS M series (M50, M50 Mark II and M200) and EOS Rebel (Rebel T3, T5, T6, and T7).

The highest price package for the EOS RP is $ 159.99.

Camera owners can purchase an external USB charging kit at a cheaper rate than the Canon set.

Canon's official website also has a webcam launch kit for $ 466 for those without a camera.

Although the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the world in 2020, it has helped increase the demand for web cameras as many people work from home or depend on video conferencing tools for communication.

Many people have turned to smartphones, tablets, and laptops to stay connected with their daily lives, but they realize that web cameras and front-facing cameras are not enough.

This has increased the demand for higher video resolution devices and the company is working to meet the ever-increasing demand for better quality cameras.

Canon, like its competitors, has introduced an EOS webcam tool for Windows 10, which allows owners to use some Canon cameras as web cameras to address the shortage.

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