Clubhouse announces the New Creator Utility Program
Clubhouse announces the New Creator Utility Program

Paul Davison, Co-founder and CEO of Alpha Exploration, announced the Clubhouse's first content production program.

Through this platform, Clubhouse Creator First helps emerging and creative hosts create a following, connect with brands and most importantly, monetize their products.

The program can accommodate up to 20 content creators and is designed to provide them with the resources and support they need. The deadline for submitting applications to the Clubhouse is March 31.

Interested users can join the program that requests certain personal information and the type of content you create.

Creators are also required to submit a 3-minute audio form for use and review by their club team.

The app celebrated its first anniversary on March 17th, especially in the Venture Capital community in Silicon Valley. Its success has spawned several similar audio apps from bigger competitors, including Twitter Spaces, which were announced in the second half of last year. A language app. Something similar should have come from Facebook.

While the Clubhouse is still available by invite only and still not available on Android devices, it was worth $ 1 billion in the most recent round of funding.

On the other hand, the app adds some important changes to how it works in terms of privacy, as in the past users no longer had to grant access to their contact list in order to send invitations.

Users can also share links to personal accounts or rooms and invite new users to join the platform using their phone numbers.

Davison said: Users can contact the company to delete preloaded contacts and a contact deletion tool will be launched soon.

In addition, Clubhouse also remembers the language of the rooms that users recommend to join the other rooms.

The club is a social network that relies solely on audio conversations. Users can create and join meeting rooms where multiple people are chatting in real time.

There is no other way to interact and the conversations are not recorded. This means that you will not be able to listen to the chat history.

Unlike Instagram and Tik Tok, you cannot scroll through someone's past club conversations to see how many conversations the user has had or how many people have fun hearing them.

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