Facebook fights those responsible for spreading the suspicion of vaccination
Facebook fights those responsible for spreading the suspicion of vaccination

The Washington Post reported that Facebook's research into motivating beliefs about vaccines found that a small group of users sparked a lot of discussions that could lead people to doubt or face vaccinations.

As stated by the World Health Organization, these beliefs preceded the emergence of social media platforms and the Coronavirus, and could impede progress in eliminating vaccine-preventable diseases.

The World Health Organization indicates that the number of measles cases has increased in recent years by 30% worldwide. These beliefs may not be entirely the cause, but they have played a role in the resurgence of measles.

Weeks before launching the first coronavirus vaccines, Facebook blocked false and misleading vaccine ads in October.

In December, Facebook announced that it was removing false claims about a coronavirus vaccine and began notifying users if they interacted with posts containing false information.

Steps have also been taken to improve reliable information about coronavirus vaccines.

If Facebook users state that their symptoms are worse than expected after taking the drug, they can use these comments to better understand the vaccine’s effects. However, they will keep other users informed, especially if they are concerned about vaccinations. . Serum.

This study appears to confirm that many critics have known this for a long time, as this effect allows misinformation to be spread on the Facebook platform.

The content that contributes to this effect may not conflict with Facebook's rules, but it can quickly spread to vulnerable groups of users.

Facebook researchers concluded that there is significant overlap between users associated with QAnon conspiracy theory and the community of users who fear vaccinations.

A Facebook spokesperson said: The company has partnered with more than 60 global health professionals and researched content and other information related to coronavirus vaccination to lay a basis for its guidelines.

He added: Facebook regularly searches its platform for trends that might be part of the conversation, such as: b. Voting, prejudice, hate speech and nudity so that their products can be further improved.

Public health experts have stated that responding to a repeat vaccine is the first priority in the response to the Corona virus. That is why Facebook has launched a global campaign to connect two billion people with reliable information from health professionals and eliminate Corona. False claims are viral. The new research helps enrich his endeavors.

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