Deep Nostalgia Technology Revives Old Photos
Deep Nostalgia Technology Revives Old Photos

An AI-driven service called Deep Nostalgia can generate static images and become a force in the Twitter platform.

Deep Nostalgia, powered by online genealogy company MyHeritage, uses D-ID licensed AI to create static animation effects.

D-ID applies counter-digital identification technology that focuses on protecting pictures and videos from face recognition algorithms.

It's a bit like the iOS Live Photos feature that adds seconds of video to help smartphone photographers find the best photos, but Deep Nostalgia can take photos from any camera and bring them to life.

The program captures a recorded video of the movement of the face and applies it to the video that best suits the still image in question.

The point seems to be that you upload pictures of your loved ones who have died and watch them walk in, which is a good idea.

Users must create a free account through MyHeritage and then upload photos.

The process is automatic as the site optimizes the images before moving them and creating the animation files.

The frequently asked questions on the website explain the following: The service does not provide images to third parties. A message appears on its homepage that the photos uploaded without completing registration will be deleted automatically to protect your privacy.

Service can only animate human faces. You can upload five photos for free through MyHeritage to experience "nostalgia". Then you need to create a Premium account.

We remind you that the Norwegian Consumer Council reported MyHeritage to the National Consumer and Data Protection Authority last year after finding a legal evaluation of the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions requiring customers to sign a contract are not understood.

In 2018, MyHeritage suffered a massive data breach, and subsequent data was discovered from the hacker via the dark web.

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