Google warns users of Google Photos about the quality
Google warns users of Google Photos about the quality

When Google first introduced cloud storage (Google Photos), the service was called the perfect way to free up space on your phone and preserve digital storage almost permanently.

The service provides almost unlimited storage for photos, as long as they are only downloaded in high quality.

Half a century ago, Google claimed that the visual quality of high-quality images was nearly the same as the original quality.

The goal at the time was to encourage users to compress original images to take advantage of unlimited Google Image storage products.

However, as of June 1 this year, high-quality images will be recorded in cloud storage. You can easily access the free tier 15 GB and you need to purchase Google One storage plan.

Google appears to be breaking the previous ads and supporting Google One instead.

Google is now allegedly sending emails trying to trick Google Photos users into uploading higher original quality images instead of uploading higher quality images.

Part of the email encourages users to use more space by switching from "High Quality" to "Original Quality."

Depending on the email, the original quality image can retain maximum detail and the image can be enlarged, cropped and printed.

While this statement is objectively correct, it conflicts with what Google has told us in the past about quality options.

The image compares the difference between original and high quality, clearly showing that there is hardly the same visual quality.

While the "High Quality" feature by default removes the original high-quality images from the phone, this means that you can irreversibly destroy the original photos.

On the other hand, the examples used by Google may not represent all the images as high quality, and most of the time some users cannot even tell the difference.

These changes have made some people complain that Google's primary motive is to allow users to pay for more storage with Google Drive immediately after logging into Google Photos a few years ago.

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