Drako GTE's electric supercar rushes into an icy lake
Drako GTE's electric supercar rushes into an icy lake

The Drako GTE electric supercar shows that supercars are not the best cars for snow and snow in general due to automatic motors on each wheel and what is known as torque steering, and this could be an exception.

With an independent engine at each wheel, the Drako GTE can perform tasks that no other car can do, from turning like a military tank to turning 360 degrees.

The company released a video showing the process of driving the car on snow-covered roads and high ice lakes with a high level of control.

Drako first took the Drako GTE to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and tested it on a purpose-built driveway covered in flat, uneven snow.

The company then headed for Lake Georgetown at 8,500 feet. The Drako GTE performed incredibly long drifts, sway and deflections while spinning.

It demonstrates that this type of maneuver can only be performed with a true torque steering system. The left and right wheels rotate in opposite directions. The elevation angle is a challenge for every suction vehicle.

The $ 1.25 million Drako GTE uses the Fisker Karma's twisted body on the Karma Revero EV EV platform.

Each wheel is driven by its own electric motor and thus partially controlled by changing the torque on each wheel, each being controlled by DriveOS.

The company said the Draco GTE can produce 1,200 hp and 8,812 Nm of torque. Its power comes from four synchronous hybrid engines, each of which can deliver 300 outstanding performance.

Those numbers offer a top speed of 330 km / h and the car has a 90 kW battery, but Drako doesn't have a range yet.

Drako was founded by Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand because they couldn't find the electric vehicle they liked.

The Drako GTE is currently in production and the company plans to produce only 25 units at a value of $ 1.25 million per unit.



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