Facebook froze the page of Venezuelan President Maduro
Facebook froze the page of Venezuelan President Maduro

A Facebook spokesperson said on Saturday: Facebook has frozen the page of Venezuelan President (Nicolas Maduro) for violating the ban policy of banning the promotion of misleading information about the Coronavirus by promoting its claims that there is no evidence of a cure for the disease. Methods of Treatment.

In January, Maduro described carvativir, an oral solution made with thyme, as a wonderful drug that kills the coronavirus without any side effects. Doctors said that this statement has no scientific basis.

Facebook deleted the video in which Maduro promoted the drug for violating its guidelines against false claims that could guarantee prevention of a coronavirus infection or a cure for the coronavirus.

The spokesperson told Reuters: We are following WHO guidelines, which means that there are currently no drugs to treat the virus, and due to repeated violations of our rules, we have also frozen the page for 30 days at times when the page can be read. as long.

Maduro said in the video: Carvativ, described it as the magic potion of Jose Gregorio Hernandez, the Venezuelan doctor of the nineteenth century (Jose Gregorio Hernandez) who can prevent and treat the Corona virus.

A Facebook spokesperson said: The site administrator has been informed of policy violations and Maduro's account will not be affected by the Facebook photo-sharing platform on Instagram.

"The Facebook video review has been completed," Maduro said in February.

He has said in the past that he and his allies have been unfairly treated by social media companies, including what he described as arbitrary account suspensions.

Maduro frequently uses social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and occasionally broadcasts speeches on Facebook Live.

Official figures for Venezuela on Friday showed 154,905 cases of coronavirus and 1,543 deaths, although opposition critics said the actual numbers could be higher due to limited testing.

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