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Facebook made a secret deal with Donald Trump

Facebook acknowledges that there are many errors that cannot be fixed

Facebook targets real malicious networks

Facebook knows Instagram is bad for teens

Facebook's smart glasses threaten the privacy and security of millions of people

Facebook lets celebrities avoid censorship

Facebook: Smart glasses will become a standard within a decade

Facebook provided researchers with inaccurate data

Facebook announces Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Facebook doesn't want to provide enough information to researchers

Facebook doesn't want to provide enough information to researchers

Facebook is confidently struggling as it launches Novi prepared

Facebook is excited to announce the smart glasses on September 9

Facebook denies violating WhatsApp users' privacy

Interacting with misinformation on Facebook is greater than real news

Facebook enters the field of fantasy sports

Samsung adds foldable features to its older phones

Facebook expands its plan to cut politics into the newsfeed

Facebook wants to add contacts in its main app

Facebook has been accused of monopoly since at least 2011

New Test Brings Reels to Facebook

Facebook protects accounts of Afghan users

Facebook is hiding a report that could negatively affect it

Facebook brings office to virtual reality

Facebook participates in the Apricot project to promote global communication

Facebook blocks Taliban-related content

Messenger adds end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls

Facebook has stopped its research project on the Instagram algorithm

Facebook's acquisition of Giphy raises competition concerns

Facebook is restructuring its advertising platform with a focus on data protection

How Facebook makes emoji sounds

Facebook makes it easier to leave it with a transfer tool

Facebook shuts down project analyzing effects of misinformation

Facebook simplifies settings page by phone

Facebook shows your eyes through VR glasses

Facebook tries to parse encrypted data without decrypting it

Facebook hosts the premiere of paid movie

How Facebook plans to profit by building metaverses

Ray-Ban smart glasses from Facebook are coming

Facebook has created a new group for the Metaverse project

Facebook's profits are on the rise but warns it will slow

Facebook suspends sale of Oculus Quest 2

Facebook clashes with the US government over a vaccine for the Corona virus

Facebook: Iranian hackers attack US soldiers

Facebook is expanding the use of Facebook Pay

Facebook Messenger gets Soundmojis

Facebook is abandoning the idea of ​​writing with thought

Facebook pays billions of dollars to creators

Facebook groups can now hire group experts

Facebook's Satellite Internet Team Joins Amazon

Facebook explains how the news algorithm works

Facebook accused of violating privacy in the Netherlands

Facebook is testing objective features with public figures

Facebook is testing new warnings to combat extremism

Facebook launches Bulletin news product

Facebook has grown to a trillion dollars

Facebook defeats the Federal Trade Commission

Facebook helps with group interaction

Facebook wants to develop an augmented reality hat

Facebook is testing new animations when sharing posts

Facebook announces the next phase of e-commerce

Facebook VR ads face setbacks

Facebook updates its standards to clarify what it considers sarcasm

Facebook ads enter virtual reality

Facebook launches podcast platform next week

Facebook has developed a way to reverse engineer deepfakes

Facebook introduces a new community management tools

Facebook launches a new groups for game lovers

Facebook increases its presence in virtual reality

Facebook helps creators bypass Apple's commission

Facebook expands remote work policy

Facebook plans to launch a smartwatch with two cameras

Facebook's free data app prefers its services

Facebook provides additional income to Instagram creators

Facebook delays withdrawing earnings from creators

Facebook launches multiplayer augmented reality effects option

Facebook may launch a newsletter platform soon

Facebook faces investigations into classified ads

Facebook makes it easier to study marginalized groups

Facebook employees ask him to lift Palestinian censorship

Facebook changed its algorithm after accusing Instagram of bias

Facebook is adding new revenue tools for game streaming operators

Facebook hides pages sharing false information

Facebook allows you to hide the number of likes

Facebook is exposed to a campaign waged by pro-Palestinian activists

Facebook is looking to expand its paid event tools

Facebook explains the ad review process

Facebook faces a potential data blocking following the Irish ruling

Facebook is transferring its cryptocurrency project to the USA

Facebook is facing problems due to its supervisory practices

Facebook is banned from collecting WhatsApp data in Germany

Facebook recommends reading the articles before sharing them

Facebook is under pressure to close the Instagram kids program

Messenger has a lot of new features

Facebook has 7 million subscribers in the workplace

Facebook uses iOS notifications to convince you to continue

Facebook wants to encourage journalists to join its news platform

Facebook acquires virtual reality game Onward

The Facebook marketplace now has 1 billion users

Facebook is blocking searches on ResignModi

Facebook asks about negative experiences in its news feed

Email address ... the new Facebook crisis

Facebook hopes to test its Diem cryptocurrency this year

A clubhouse competitor from Facebook is coming this summer

Facebook and Spotify work together on the Boombox Project

Facebook allows text messages to be transferred to other platforms

Facebook plans to launch a number of audio products

Facebook faces infringement lawsuit for 2019

Facebook brings businesses to you to introduce them to you

Facebook has exceeded one of its biggest environmental goals

Facebook spent $ 23 million to protect Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook removed 16 thousand groups of fake reviews

Facebook adds contextual tags on popular pages

The hotline integrates Clubhouse and Instagram Live

Facebook will not alert affected users of the data leak

Facebook blocked more than 1,000 fake accounts in March

Portal TV supports zoom video calls

The retirement of the Oculus Rift S marks the end of an era

Publish the data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users

Mark Zuckerberg's data appeared in Facebook leaks

Facebook gives users more control over what they see

Facebook and Google are building new submarine cables

Facebook froze the page of Venezuelan President Maduro

Facebook acquisition of Giphy is raising competition concerns

Chinese hacker group targeting Uyghurs via Facebook

A competitor to Clubhouse from Facebook might be Messenger Rooms

Facebook supports mobile security keys

Facebook is under UK antitrust investigation

Facebook is developing a version of Instagram for children

Facebook penalizes violating group members

Facebook is developing a bracelet that uses the nervous system

Facebook is preparing to launch its newsletter product

Facebook announced a human rights policy

Facebook fights those responsible for spreading the suspicion of vaccination

A fifth of Facebook employees are now working on VR and AR

Facebook tests poster-style ads with Stories

Facebook's SEER optimizes image processing for AI computers

Facebook is reducing expectations about its upcoming smart glasses

Facebook is planning to add facial recognition to its smart glasses

The face recognition technology is forcing Facebook to pay $ 650 million

Facebook is responding to the recommendations of the Independent Supervisory Committee

Facebook opens the ribbon for creating and sharing rap music

Facebook pays 1 billion dollars for the news industry

Facebook is testing tools to combat child exploitation

Facebook made a deal with Australia and returned to the news site

Facebook removes the home page of the Myanmar army

Facebook is negotiating a ban with Australia

Facebook ignores the volume of deceptive ads

Facebook reveals myths about climate change

The Facebook ban affects sites run by Australian government agencies

Sudden escalation: Facebook bans publishing news in Australia

Facebook has doubled down on bullying-related deletions

Facebook developed a product in competition with Clubhouse

Facebook is reducing political content in its news feed

Myanmar temporarily bans the use of the Facebook platform

Facebook lists Myanmar as a high-risk site

Facebook's censorship board asks for your opinion on Trump's ban

Facebook wants to keep ads away from harmful content

Artificial intelligence describes photos on Facebook more intelligently

Facebook begins the process of appointing its representative in Turkey

Facebook has to pay $ 5 million for its nearby features

Facebook has removed the Like button from the public page

Facebook shuts down Irish holding company over tax lawsuits

Facebook will release new security options in 2021

Facebook proposes to license its network to avoid monopoly lawsuits

Google and Facebook are working together against antitrust measures

Facebook warns of the directive on protecting electronic data

Facebook is developing a smart news summary tool

Facebook has disabled some features in Europe

Facebook has discovered that a Vietnamese company is linked to a well-known hacker

The European Union is imposing heavy fines on Google and Facebook

Facebook is having problems with messages on Messenger and Instagram

Facebook hopes to launch Diem coin in 2021

Facebook is accused of discriminating against American workers

Facebook is renaming its digital currency Libra

Facebook paid millions for the content

The Facebook ad tool Conversion Lift fails

Facebook may launch Libra in early January next year, but the situation is different

Facebook removes references to war crimes

Facebook helps gather food for the needy

Messenger platform can monitor users

Vietnam threatens to shut down Facebook due to censorship demands

The Facebook investigation is entering its final phase

Facebook restricts access to Trump's posts when he leaves office

Facebook is suing a company that collects Instagram data .. a platform for free creative expression from Facebook

Facebook launched new messaging functions in Messenger and Instagram

Facebook wants to help creators generate income

Researchers found that hackers hacked 100,000 Facebook accounts

Facebook adds the Reels and Shop tabs to Instagram

Facebook monitors abusive groups

Facebook's FastPay payments network is seven times faster than the Visa network

Facebook and TikTok block hashtags supporting Trump in allegations of election theft

Pro-Trump Facebook Group reached 325,000 members in one day

Facebook and Twitter respond to allegations of election theft

Facebook and Twitter are trying to curb false claims about the vote

Facebook is testing dark mode for iOS and Android. Here's how to try

Attempts to bypass Facebook's two-factor authentication

Facebook announces active users every month

Facebook no longer recommends new groups before the election

Facebook Twitter and Google officials will defend the laws that protect them

Facebook is preparing for the US election mayhem

Facebook cloud games ... what are they? How do I update?

Facebook launched Facebook Gaming a cloud gaming service

Facebook asks researchers to stop using its data

Facebook may face new antitrust measures

Facebook moderators are forced to work in the office

The heads of Facebook and Twitter are due to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee

At long last ... Facebook's board of directors has started taking the cases

Facebook is testing a feature to communicate between neighbors of the same neighborhood

Facebook has launched an artificial intelligence that can translate 100 languages

Due to the election Facebook rejected 2.2 million ads

Facebook starts selling new Oculus Quest 2 glasses

Facebook announces the new design for Messenger service

Facebook decides to block vaccine ads

Seven countries are against Facebook launching Libra before proper regulation comes along

Facebook withdraws its Holocaust denial stance and will prohibit denial

Facebook is banning political ads in the US after the election

Facebook and Twitter dismantle disinformation networks around the world

Facebook adds Netflix and Zoom to the portal and announces other functions

Facebook and Twitter block a Trump post comparing Corona and influenza

Apple's attack on targeted ads angered Facebook

Facebook defeats Netflix movie Social Dilemma

Facebook officially announced the integration of Messenger and Instagram messaging

The Facebook events service gets an exemption from Apple

Facebook wants to make the default Messenger app on iOS

Facebook critics launch a rival supervisory board

Facebook censorship board confirms its launch before the US elections

Facebook has removed restrictions on textual content from advertising images

Facebook promises to limit the flow of content in times of chaos

Facebook now allows photos to be claimed and removed requests

Facebook fears that its platform will be suspended in the European Union

How does Facebook promote business development online?

Facebook announced that health groups will not be allowed to appear on recommendations

Facebook is integrating Messenger and Instagram messages into the company's new app

Facebook announces the first smart AR glasses and is fixing the release date

Facebook officially announces the Quest 2 virtual reality glasses

Facebook wants you to pay for Instagram links

Facebook starts showing the group in Messenger video calls

Facebook ... Privacy is great but have you ever heard of money?

Because of the data transfer ... Facebook is taking legal action

Facebook is asked to stop sending European data to America

Facebook launched Campus a social network for students

Zuckerberg: Apple's app store worth checking out

Facebook pays people to close their accounts

Facebook is preventing a terminally ill French from broadcasting his death live

Facebook is testing Instagram Stories rendering directly in its app

Facebook allows photos and videos to be transferred to Dropbox and Koofr

Facebook puts an end to forwarded messages in Messenger

Facebook continues to display discriminatory ads

Facebook shares Myanmar data with the United Nations

The Facebook app gets the Facebook Store

With Zoom still in control, Facebook has modernized its messaging room

Facebook warns that Apple's new measures will harm small app companies

Facebook announces the launch of its news service in more countries

Facebook ignores hate speech to appease the Indian government

Facebook joins Linux Foundation as a platinum member

Facebook wants to help troubled companies ... but Apple is preventing it

Facebook has started merging Instagram and Messenger chats

Facebook officially supports the setting of paid events online

Facebook is testing Tik Tok-style videos in its main app

Facebook and Snapchat want to take over rival TikTok

Facebook and Twitter intensify the war against electoral misinformation

Facebook will notify you before sharing Corona posts

Facebook deleted 7 million messages with incorrect information about Corona

Facebook connects users to their news feed

Facebook is providing its virtual social network Horizon to more users

Facebook is extending the home work system until July 2021

Facebook acquiesces to Apple and launches the Facebook Gaming app without games

Facebook removed a post by President Trump for the first time

Facebook launches promising service Reels to rival TikTok

Facebook has recruited the most popular Tik Tok superstar with money

Facebook page is testing a new design without the Like button

Facebook continues to fight WhatsApp hackers

Facebook launches a new section to expose the myths of Corona

Facebook has built acrobatic robots to install optical fiber cables

Facebook plans to block political ads

Facebook disables many iOS apps

Facebook is about to merge WhatsApp with Messenger

Facebook continues to boycott Canada's largest bank joins

Facebook surrenders to TikTok and decides to quit the Lasso app

Facebook is rushing to end the rival Hobbi application for Pinterest

Boycott ads on Facebook campaign will become global

Facebook presented the grim situation to some users

Facebook allows everyone to stream video calls directly from large groups

The boycott of Facebook ads is getting bigger

After the boycott campaign Facebook decides to block hate speech ads

Facebook warns users before sharing old messages

Many iOS apps crash due to Facebook

Facebook is testing the app to predict future events

Facebook has stopped selling Oculus Go glasses to focus on more powerful glasses

Facebook acquires Swedish surveying and mapping company

Facebook has removed posts and ads from Trump campaigns due to Nazi symbols

Facebook refuses to share its earnings with the media

Facebook starts WhatsApp payment service in Brazil

Facebook is testing Face ID and Touch ID for messaging app

Facebook launches the renewed news section

Facebook introduces new recommendations for group leaders

Zuckerberg vows to review Facebook policies

Facebook allows the photo transfer tool to Google Photos for all users

Facebook launches a campaign against white national accounts

Zuckerberg faces strong opposition from Facebook employees

Facebook provides the ability to delete old embarrassing messages

Due to Mark Zuckerberg's decision disputes within Facebook are increasing

Unlike Twitter ... Facebook does not delete Trump's posts

Facebook launched a new app to interact with live events

Facebook launches TikTok's inspired Collab app

Facebook has renamed Calibra Digital Wallet to Novi

Facebook launches the CatchUp Voice Call app with unique functions

Facebook announces the new Facebook Shops service

Facebook is taking new steps to distinguish publications and government media

Facebook gets the famous GIPHY service

Facebook is building submarine cables for the Middle East and Africa

Facebook offers all users a promising Messenger Rooms service

Facebook disables many iOS apps

Facebook is dismantling Iran's disinformation network

Facebook has started work on developing a new version smaller than the Quest VR glasses

Facebook tests a free web browsing app on phones

Facebook has a new chat program that can compete with Google Meena

Facebook has started to use the background color feature

Facebook offers tools to transfer photos to Google Photos in more countries

Facebook announces promising results under Corona

Facebook allows monetization with paid live broadcasts

Facebook continues to plan for advertising on WhatsApp

Facebook continues the lawsuit with WhatsApp hijackers

Facebook launches Messenger Room for 50 video conference calls

Facebook launches children's messenger in more than 70 new countries

Facebook invests $ 5.7 billion in the Indian giant Jio

Facebook expands the SK symptoms tracking questionnaire for all its users

Facebook added new interactive options to show interest in the Corona era

Facebook warns everyone who interacts with incorrect corona information

Facebook is building a hidden social networking platform for bots

Facebook launches a new dark design for all users

Facebook grants British health facilities Portal devices

Facebook spends 24 million dollars to protect Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook launches quiet mode feature

Facebook works with researchers to ask users about the symptoms of corona disease

Facebook launches a new sporting event service via Facebook Gaming

Facebook has launched a new app dedicated to couples

Facebook's acquisition of GIPHY helps it track competitors

Facebook officially announces Messenger for Windows and Mac OS

Facebook donates 100 million dollars to support media because of Corona



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