Facebook is planning to add facial recognition to its smart glasses
Facebook is planning to add facial recognition to its smart glasses

Facebook is planning to add facial recognition capabilities to its expected smartphones, which are expected to hit stores next year.

Speaking at a staff meeting, Andrew Bosworth, director of Facebook Reality Labs, said the company is studying the legal and privacy implications of this technology.

According to Bosworth's theory, facial recognition technology can identify people whose names have been forgotten or who suffer from face blindness.

At a companywide meeting, a Bosworth representative asked about the privacy concerns caused by technology.

Bosworth answered, This might be a difficult question because the benefits are so clear, the risks are very clear, and we don't know how to compensate for these problems.

Data protection is a sore issue for Facebook. Facebook paid $ 650 million to close the lawsuit, accusing it of using member data to refer to people in the photos, in violation of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act.

Bosworth wrote on Twitter: While Facebook smart glasses are good when there is no facial recognition feature, there are some useful uses like forgetting someone's name in a meeting.

He also highlighted the benefits of this feature for blind people: face blindness is a neurological condition that makes familiar faces difficult to recognize.

Maxine Williams, Facebook's chief diversity officer, added that the company may need to develop its privacy policies in areas where the law does not regulate the technology.

In September, Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced the partnership between Facebook and Luxottica Group to manufacture Ray-Ban smart glasses.

In addition, social media has deliberately obfuscated its plans, even with the estimated time of arrival of the wearables.

Bosworth said in a blog in January that the device will arrive sooner or later, telling Bloomberg that smart glasses can make people's lives better in ways smartphones cannot, such as spending time with children.

This indicates that the glasses contain cameras or other means to capture and store moments, but may not contain augmented reality technology.

Bosworth said, "These glasses are connected to the Internet and have a lot of features, but we're not specifically talking about the work we're doing."

He added: We are very excited but we don't want to go overboard, we don't call it augmented reality glasses, just smart glasses.

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