Polaris dreamed of an all-electric Ranger
Polaris dreamed of an all-electric Ranger

It is expected to be the first electric sports car made through the new collaboration between Polaris and Zero Motorcycles Ranger, which is battery powered.

The companies did not provide any range, battery or price, but said the new SUV is expected to start production in December 2021.

Ranger is the best-selling brand in the Polaris SUV series. A spokesperson said: "More details will be revealed soon, but the goal is to make a better Ranger and it will need more torque, more power, more traction and more power."

Polaris and Zero Motorcycle Company signed a ten-year contract last year to manufacture a range of electric vehicles, including SUVs and snowmobiles.

The two companies hope to tap into what they think has been overlooked in the electric market: ATVs and snowmobiles, and they hope to produce electric versions of every type of vehicle in the Polaris range by 2025.

Mike Spitzen, Polaris' interim CEO, said in a statement: “As people become more interested in electric cars, we are investing in electricity to meet the needs of existing customers and attract future athletes.

`` The new electric ranger is our latest initiative to lead the electric vehicle industry.

Unlike ATVs (also known as quad bikes), ATVs are used more for work than for leisure.

Large, powerful vehicles are often used to transport equipment and supplies to places where trucks cannot or cannot be used.

The Polaris Fuel Ranger typically costs between $ 20,000 and $ 22,000 and is a popular tool for farm workers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The electric ranger is designed and developed by the Polaris and Zero Motorcycles facility in Wyoming, Minnesota, and manufactured at the Polaris facility in Huntsville, Alabama.

The first cars are expected to hit the market early next year.

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