Facebook is reducing expectations about its upcoming smart glasses
Facebook is reducing expectations about its upcoming smart glasses

David Weiner, Facebook's chief financial officer, reported on the smart glasses that the company had produced in conjunction with the Ray Ban brand. He said: The future device will not be able to compete with technology companies that want to use augmented reality. The goal achieved with the technology at hand.

The first product we launch into this space later this year won't be anywhere near what we want it to be, Winner said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Communications conference, it will be Ray Ban (Ray Ban) Luxottica, the smart glasses he worked with with .

Facebook announced the next device in September 2020, but did not reveal any details about the features or functions of the next product as the only details from the company indicated that the smart glasses will be available at some point in the 2021 version.

"This is an important step in integrating core technology into regular eyeglasses and understanding how people use it," said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, when announcing the device in September.

Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon, along with Facebook, have manufactured and launched smart augmented reality glasses as a new generation of computers.

Weiner explained that augmented and virtual reality technologies are still Facebook's main areas of investment, saying: We are investing heavily in augmented reality.

To achieve this goal, we need to build many basic technologies over a long period of time, and augmented reality and virtual reality can become the next platform. We believe this platform is the natural evolution of the IT wealth. Therefore, we must invest heavily in social areas.

Andrew Bosworth, chief equipment officer at Facebook, confirmed last week that the company is considering integrating facial recognition technology into smart glasses if people want the feature.

Bosworth also reiterated that Facebook will release Ray-Ban glasses in 2021.

“We are working with our partner Luxottica to make sure the shape is correct, the function is correct and the integration is beneficial,” he said.

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