Google wants a privacy-first web based
Google wants a privacy-first web based

Google is phasing out third-party cookies in order to focus on privacy.

She explained that while the change will affect the search giant's lucrative advertising business, critically important content will not replace it.

Google indicated in a blog post that after third-party cookies disappear while browsing the Internet, they will not create alternate identifiers to track people.

Google Books: Our products are supported by web APIs that protect privacy and prevent individual tracking while presenting results to advertisers and publishers.

She added: Advances in capture, anonymization, multi-device processing, and other data protection technologies provide a straightforward way to replace a single identifier.

Although the level of browser access varies, third-party cookies have been blocked in Safari and Firefox for some time, and Google plans to do the same in Chrome.

Cookies allow advertisers to track you as you switch between different websites. This allows advertisers to better understand your interests.

These targeted ads are of great value and have created an advertising industry where users' personal information is shared with thousands of companies.

Google said: This approach leads to a lack of confidence of users or advertisers in the Internet, which threatens the future of the web.

Advertising is still the single most important way to make money. For this reason, Google announced that it will remove third-party cookies and move to more private websites first.

Although there is a lot of talk about privacy, Google has made it clear that it is not trying to get rid of targeted ads, but rather trying to replace the old, more hackable methods with new ones of its own design. Privacy Protection Fund.

Part of the privacy protection job is to hide people from a large number of similar interest groups and then target them as ads.

With increasing regulatory pressure from around the world, Google has introduced privacy-related networks for the first time.

The company said: "We understand that this means that other service providers may offer online advertising tracking that we do not provide, such as: Personally Identifiable Information Cards based on email addresses. Personal email."

She added: We believe these solutions cannot meet consumers' growing expectations for privacy and will not suffer from rapidly changing regulations, so they are not a long-term, sustainable investment.

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