Facebook penalizes violating group members
Facebook penalizes violating group members

The Facebook platform seeks to regulate the experience of group members and restrict access to potentially problematic users and communities.

The company announced a number of collective changes, including plans to monitor users who break the rules, restrict access to citizens and political groups, and increase monitoring of groups that break the rules.

Group members who break Facebook rules have various new consequences and often prevent those who break the rules from posting or commenting in a group for a while.

A Facebook spokesperson said: This time it may take 7 or 30 days depending on the number and severity of the violations, and they will not be able to invite others to join groups or start new ones.

One of the major changes affects members who break the rules, as warning flags have been added to groups with multiple violations.

If a user tries to join one of these groups, they will receive a disclaimer stating that the group is violating community standards that may prevent them from joining, and Facebook also restricts them. Call notifications for these groups.

For existing members, the company is reducing the distribution of group content, which means it will appear less frequently on the news feed.

If a group has a large number of members who violate the rules or have been rejected by other group members for breaking the rules, then moderators in those disrespectful groups must temporarily agree to all posts.

If these administrators accept all content, including content that violates the rules, the entire group will be deleted.

As part of a major update earlier this year, Facebook began removing civic and political groups, as well as newly formed groups, from the US proposal.

Facebook has been widely criticized for allowing extremist political groups and groups that spread conspiracy theories or anti-extremism comments to flourish on its platform.

According to the FBI, members of the group planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer used Facebook groups to organize.

While policy recommendations have continued to be provided to users in the past, attempts to restrict access to political groups have failed.

These new rules can prevent some people from misbehaving or limit their time across platforms. However, it is still possible to create a new account or bypass these rules without violating the rules.

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