Facebook supports mobile security keys
Facebook supports mobile security keys

Facebook will extend support for 2FA physical security keys on mobile devices to better protect user information from malicious hackers.

As of 2017, the social platform supports these keys for their desktop version, but now users can also use them through their iOS and Android apps to protect their accounts.

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of support for online accounts that require users to log in with their password and other information (usually a digital code generated by a third-party system).

Without these two types of information, it would be difficult for someone to access your account, even if someone had your password.

Facebook's post states: We strongly recommend everyone to use a physical security key to improve the security of their account, regardless of the device they're using.

Since 2017, Facebook has been encouraging at-risk groups to target hackers such as politicians, public figures, journalists, and human rights defenders to use these technologies.

Physical security keys can be purchased directly from the company that makes them and connected to your device via USB or Bluetooth. It is widely known as the best way to protect accounts online.

Other methods (like authentication apps or SMS alerts) generate codes that users can enter. However, these codes can be intercepted by malicious third parties seeking access.

Once the user connects the key (which he should stay close to) with the device, he verifies his identity and allows him to log in.

Twitter announced earlier this week that it plans to update itself in the future so that accounts enabled through two-factor authentication can use security keys as the only authentication method.

Currently, Twitter users can use the security key and the second 2FA method as a backup.

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