Gocycle is rapidly launching a folding electric bike
Gocycle is rapidly launching a folding electric bike

Gocycle is the manufacturer of some of the world's most adaptable electric bikes, and fourth generation electric bikes are back.

The company announced its G4 line of electric bike, which features a new engine, better tires, and lighter carbon fiber components.

These updates represent major design improvements over more than a decade.

Gocycle is one of the oldest entrants in the folding electric bike industry and has launched the G1 since 2009.

The G4 series starts at $ 3,999, and the G4, G4i, and G4i Plus models are available for initial order.

Thanks to its compact and fast foldable design and oversized tires, Gocycle makes it an electric bike suitable for riding long distances and versatility.

These improvements started with the new G4drive engine, which produces more power and torque, and the entire G4 product line uses single-sided carbon fiber forks.

According to Gocycle, the design adds vertical orientation, which means carbon fibers better absorb bumps on the road and make driving more comfortable.

The company added a USB port through the steering wheel. You can use this connector to charge your phone when the G4 battery cannot supply power to the electric bike.

Gocycle installed a wider frame on the fork. Gocycle uses silica to improve tire grip, and helps the tire trap more air, making driving more comfortable.

Like the GXi, you can fold the bike in about 10 seconds, and the newly added titanium pins keep the hinges aligned.

The company managed to reduce the e-bike weight by modifying the disc rotor and other components. Weighing just 16kg, the G4i Plus was the lightest and most expensive in the new G4 series.

The entire Gocycle G4 product line can be ordered for the first time in the US, Canada, UK and EU.

The G4 is equipped with mechanical gears and costs $ 4,000. Equipped with predictive electronic switches, integrated daytime running lights, and a more detailed LED display, the G4i is priced at $ 5,000, while the G4i Plus comes with lightweight carbon edges at $ 6,000.

Compared to the advanced components of the last two models, the main difference between the G4i, G4i Plus and G4 is that it has a battery with a range of 80 kilometers, while the G4 is limited to 65 kilometers.

However, all three electric bike models come with the company's 36V 4A charger, which can fully charge the G4i and G4i Plus batteries in about three and a half hours.

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