Snap develops Spectacles for augmented reality
Snap develops Spectacles for augmented reality

Snapchat's developer, Snap, plans to continue moving forward with hardware development as it is not far from this region, and several versions of Spectacles smart glasses have been launched over the years.

According to the information, the next step could be new augmented reality glasses and a drone.

The glasses have a screen so that the wearer can see the effects of augmented reality without using the phone. Obviously, all of the previous glasses lack this functionality.

The new glasses are aimed at developers and developers, not consumers, like the three, which cost $ 380.

The goal might be to allow developers to take snapshots and customer experiences at some point in the future.

If the new glasses were to be used as augmented reality headphones, it could be the result of the company's efforts in the first three releases of the product.

Currently, eyeglasses are primarily a recording device that functions as a head-mounted camera, and most of the processing is done through the user's phone.

The company lost $ 40 million while confused about not selling the original glasses, and the company's director of devices left the company shortly after the launch of the second generation glasses.

Plus, if the reports of the new eyeglasses are correct, it could indicate that Snap hasn't stopped his material dreams.

If Snap is to continue promoting its augmented reality glasses, it looks like the two companies are working hard to develop their wearables, so you might have to face competition from Apple and Facebook.

The company will introduce its augmented reality glasses at its developer conference in May.

As for the drone, not much information is available about it as Snap has reportedly restarted its long-term plan to build a self-captured drone.

In 2017, the company acquired a drone company and Snap invested $ 20 million in a Chinese drone company, also known as Zero Zero Robotics.

It is not clear when the drone will be shipped, but it has recently become a priority for Snap Lab (Snap Equipment).

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