Google connects Android phones to Chromebooks via the Phone Hub
Google connects Android phones to Chromebooks via the Phone Hub

Google celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Chromebook by introducing new features for Chrome OS. The new Phone Hub feature is one of the biggest linking Android phones to Chromebook.

The call center feature allows Chrome OS users to reply to text messages, check phone battery life, activate wireless hotspots, and find devices with ease.

The Contact Center is grouped into a system tray tool that expands to show the last Chrome tab you browsed on your phone.

For Android phone and Chromebook owners, Phone Hub appears to be a very useful feature.

Google is also working hard to enable the Wi-Fi sync feature on more devices so that Android phones and other devices operating the system can connect to the wireless network they have set up and use. Chrome OS.

Another big change to Chrome OS is the limited sharing between Chromebook and other Android and Chrome OS devices.

As with AirDrop, Turn Off Sharing allows users to send and receive files between devices. According to Google, the feature will roll out in Chrome OS in the coming months.

Google has also added a new Screenshot tool to the Quick Settings menu in Chrome OS.

As the name suggests, this tool allows you to record screens or take screenshots and access them quickly.

The clipboard has also been improved in Chrome OS, so you can save your five most recent items to paste to other locations without having to switch windows.

With the new Quick Answers extension, you can right-click on words in Chrome OS to learn about definitions, translations or converters.

Google is working hard to improve the standard desktop features of Chrome OS.

When the Chromebook restarts, all windows will be restored to the correct virtual desktop. You can also right-click at the top of the open window to send the app to another virtual desktop.

Obviously, most of these new Chrome OS features played a role in catching up to the features found on Windows and macOS.

Google first launched a line of Chromebooks in collaboration with Samsung and Acer in 2011.

All major PC makers now have Chromebooks, and Google is promising to bring 50 new Chromebooks to the market in 2021.

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