Google Maps adds augmented reality technology to the shopping center
Google Maps adds augmented reality technology to the shopping center

Google is committed to making Maps a useful tool for navigating the world and continues to introduce new features such as augmented reality.

The company has released a number of updates that make the app more useful in more situations.

The app brings Live View augmented reality navigation tools to specific indoor areas such as malls, airports, and designated transportation stations.

Additionally, green trends are prioritized as routes are recommended, weather and air quality data are added to destinations, and pick-up and delivery options are integrated with grocery retailers.

broadcast live:

Real time display is an augmented reality function. If you point the camera at the area and directions overlap around the scene, you can see where the target is.

To do this at home, Google needs to develop a new technology called Global Site, which uses artificial intelligence to scan tens of billions of Street View photos and link them to the photos on your phone to find your location.

After making adjustments in recent years, Google has modified it to determine the exact height or position of objects in the building.

With this function you can search for airline portals or find new restaurants in malls. It can also help you find elevators, escalators, ATM's, toilets, check-in counters, ticket counters, etc.

Now the live show has been shown indoors in some malls in US cities and will be used in transit stations, shopping malls, and some airports in Tokyo and Zurich over the next few months, via Android and iOS systems. The city will also come.

Environmental guidelines:

As part of its commitment to helping users reduce their environmental footprint, Google continues to use environmentally friendly transportation.

In the second half of this year, if you are using the Google Maps iOS or Android version to find a route, it will default to the path with the lowest carbon footprint if it takes the same time as the fastest route.

If the green option takes longer, Google Maps compares the impacts of carbon dioxide so you can determine whether speed or the environment is more important.

This feature must deal with the United States first, and Google said: Global expansion is underway.

Starting in June of this year, when users navigate low-emission areas, the map will alert users and provide alternate directions if needed.

The option will be available in apps in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and the company said more countries will appear soon.

Google is also improving its route interface, which aggregates routes for all transportation modes on a single page, instead of providing separate tabs for tabs such as Car, Walk, and Public Transport.

This makes it easy to compare time between routes and the map uses machine learning to understand your preferred travel mode to prioritize and reinforce public situations around the city.

These maps also add new weather and air quality layers to help users better predict the target environment.

These levels show the current temperature and hourly weather forecast, as well as detailed information on the air quality in the area, so allergy sufferers can adjust their plans accordingly.

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