Volkswagen changes its name to Voltswagen in America
Volkswagen changes its name to Voltswagen in America

Volkswagen is preparing to transform its brand in the United States from the Volkswagen Group to Volkswagen.

The move represents billions of investment in the German carmaker in its efforts to become the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer.

The company appears to have planned the news in late April, but incorrectly released a press release about the early name change, which CNBC first spotted before the cut.

Approaching the upcoming April Fools' Day joke initially led people to suspect it was a joke, but Volkswagen insisted that the name change was correct.

The company confirmed the change: The Volkswagen Group, which includes brands such as Audi and Porsche, has retained the Volkswagen name for its division in the United States. The name change will officially take effect in May 2021 and will be Volkswagen.

It is unclear how the new name will be added to the company's upcoming electric and fuel vehicle list.

We can change the letter K to the letter T. However, what hasn't changed is that the brand is committed to making world-class products for drivers and people all over the world, said Scott Q, President and CEO of Volkswagen USA.

He added, "The idea of ​​people's cars is the basis on which we live, and we have already said that since we moved to an electric future, we have been making electric cars for millions of people, not just people. Millions." Oh man, this name change shows that we salute the past of popular cars and firmly believe that our future will be people's electric cars.

The name change is pretty much a bold move by Volkswagen to get people's attention to electric cars.

Although the company is investing heavily in developing electric cars, it is currently selling one long range electric vehicle Volkswagen ID 4 in the United States.

Although Tesla is headquartered in the United States, the United States currently lags behind China and Europe in terms of overall electric vehicle sales.

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