Google reduces Chrome resource consumption
Google reduces Chrome resource consumption

Google has detailed the efficiency improvements in Chrome 89, the most recent version of the web browser released earlier this month.

Depending on whether you use the Chrome browser from Windows, Mac, or Android, Google said it should use fewer resources, run faster, and have a faster response speed while using it, without mentioning any specific improvements for iOS users.

The exact benefits vary depending on the operating system. Google said: Chrome browser can recover up to 100MB or more than 20% of memory for some websites by using front-end memory more efficiently.

MacOS can provide up to 8% of memory requirements, depending on how you deal with background tags.

The search giant stated that these improvements made through macOS increased the browser's energy impact score by 65% ​​and kept the Mac quiet and quiet.

Chrome browser on Windows and Android uses expanded dedicated memory in more areas to further reduce memory usage and improve browser responsiveness.

Google said: It can save a lot of storage space on Windows OS, the browser process can save up to 22%, the display engine can save up to 8%, the GPU can save up to 3%, the overall response is the browser speed. It can save up to 9% increase.

According to Google, there are also a number of Android improvements that can reduce memory usage by 5%, crashes, startup speed by 7.5%, and page load speed by 2%.

High-end Android devices with Android 10 and later and at least 8GB of RAM are expected to increase page load speed by 8.5% and ease of use by 28%.

Google made similar promises to previous versions of Chrome, saying: Version 87 of Chrome, which was released late last year, is the largest for Chrome in several years.

For example, improving performance can improve all aspects of CPU usage, energy efficiency, and startup time.

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