AccountGuard entered dozens of countries prior to the election
AccountGuard entered dozens of countries prior to the election

Before the next election, Microsoft expanded the expanded functionality of the AccountGuard service.

AccountGuard is an optional program for individuals and organizations who are more likely to be attacked or tampered with the account as a result of their participation in political activities.

The service includes cybersecurity advice, access to webinars, notifications to known participants of the status of threats or hacking attacks on Office 365 accounts associated with members, alerts on Hotmail and Outlook accounts, and recommendations to mitigate whether successful cyberattacks are successful.

Participants can also contact the Microsoft Advocacy Program Team.

Microsoft this week expanded its offering to all AccountGuard members in 31 democracies, including identity management and access protection at no additional cost.

Adding new features to AccountGuard provides a new way to protect online accounts for political parties, candidates, employees, medical workers, human rights defenders, journalists and other clients who are more vulnerable to local hackers, the company said.

The company's improvements include multi-factor authentication, single sign-on services for cloud applications, conditional access policy enforcement, and PIM management to create time-based and time-based access policies. Approval of confidential and critical resources.

Ahead of the 2020 US elections, political parties can use Microsoft's accessibility options.

With similar incidents in the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Estonia and the Czech Republic, as well as in other countries, the company's products are designed to stop attempts at hacking, transmission and prevent false marketing campaigns. "

Additionally, the software giant announced an expansion of its existing partnership with Yubico, which produces physical keys for multi-factor authentication from YubiKey to reduce the risk of phishing and account breaches.

To date, AccountGuard members can provide up to 25,000 YubiKeys, and many free keys can be used depending on the organization or the size of the organization.

In April of last year, Microsoft made the service available to medical institutions and human rights organizations, saying: These organizations will continue to arrive during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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