Gx Sweat .. Smarter Moisture Sweat Patch
Gx Sweat .. Smarter Moisture Sweat Patch

Gatorade launched a new fitness patch called the Gx Sweat that can be used to test sweat and learn how to improve hydration and re-hydration after a workout.

According to the company, the correction enables professional athletes to better understand all types of information about their bodies while pursuing performance goals.

The company sells two Gx soldering pads for $ 25. These links to Gx Application will help you to moisturize more effectively, recover faster, and prevent cramps.

Before training, a sweat-absorbent patch is placed inside your left arm that wicks away sweat while moving, allowing fluid to pass through the color-changing channel in the mat.

Once a workout is complete, you can review it with the Gx app, which provides aggregate data from health and fitness apps through 35 years of research by the Gatorade Institute of Sports Science to create a recommended workout that athletes can use to achieve their goals. It can achieve the best performance.

The app can be seamlessly integrated into Garmin Connect, Strava and Apple Health to share training data. With the help of a structured digital scale, you can provide exercise and recovery information and nutritional information to determine how users track their workouts weekly according to a set standard activity goal.

In conjunction with the Gx Sweat Patch, the Gx app can provide specific hydration recommendations to ensure proper hydration before, during and after training.

The company said: Gx Sweat can provide information about the amount of body fluid lost and the amount of sodium that needs to be compensated for in order to recover.

The Gx app also links this fluid intake information to specific training sessions. So, in theory, you should recommend how much water to drink before, during, and after every 10 miles.

The price of the correction is $ 12.50. Given the fact that the update can only be used once, the price seems high.

Gatorade plans to have a swatch for every sport it plays. So if you play basketball and just run, that might be enough to buy two Gx Sweat Patches for $ 25.

Additionally, Gatorade recommends taking a fresh sweat census for every climate or temperature you exercise. The more you exercise in the streets and places, the longer it takes to replace the fluids for the body and make a full recovery.

The Gx Sweat Patch might seem a little unusual, but for an increasingly comfortable world with so many fitness tracking features this seems to be the next logical step for serious athletes, as does the company that sells their products one way more products.

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