The USB-C port is still a long way from the iPhone
The USB-C port is still a long way from the iPhone

A research report by trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the dream of using a USB-C port to use an iPhone in the near future may be dead.

The company reportedly has no plans to use the USB-C port or integrate the Touch ID sensor into the power button of future iPhones, both of which can be found on iPad like the iPad Air 2020.

The research clarified Apple's reasons for this decision: We believe the USB-C port will hurt MFi's business profitability and its waterproof specifications are lower than those of Lightning and MagSafe.

Kuo suggested that Apple not directly connect the USB-C port to the iPhone, but instead directly use the long-rumored iPhone without a port, which relies solely on wireless charging via MagSafe technology.

MagSafe addresses the issue raised by Ko. Unplugging MagSafe makes it more waterproof than Lightning, and Apple continues to control MagSafe through MFi to ensure licensing fees continue to apply.

However, Guo also indicated that Apple does not believe that the MagSafe ecosystem has reached the point that it could be used as the only method of charging an iPhone.

Instead, the trusted analyst hopes Apple will continue to use its Lightning port for the foreseeable future.

Kuo's report also released another rumor about the future of the iPhone: Apple may introduce the idea of ​​a Touch ID sensor into the power button, similar to the one that was introduced with the iPad Air update last year.

According to Kuo, Apple has no time to add this upgrade. However, a previous Bloomberg report showed that Apple was testing Touch ID scanners built directly into this year's iPhone range displays.

The full report contains more information about the upcoming iPhone lineup, including small bumps and the fastest update speeds for this year's iPhone. There are rumors of a built-in camera in 2022 and the 8-inch foldable iPhone could hit the market early. Because this year is 2023.

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