Halo Fitness Tracker gets Alexa integration
Halo Fitness Tracker gets Alexa integration

Amazon announced the integration of the Halo fitness tracker with Alexa voice assistant so that the owner of the gadget can ask the Alexa device to obtain information about various health conditions such as sleep values ​​or activity values ​​during the day.

Integration is disabled by default, and the owner needs the latest firmware on the Halo device and the latest version of the iOS or Android app to enable the feature.

Halo ($ 100) is the flagship fitness product on Amazon and has been well received since it was announced last fall.

The companion app contains 3D capabilities that allow you to scan your body and measure the fat composition through the phone's camera.

Although the tool has been available for purchase since mid-December, it is not currently available in all sizes and colors on the company's website, and there are no dates for its return.

Halo has a 3.7-star rating from Amazon customers, while the Fitbit Inspire 2 has a 4.6-star rating for the same size and price.

Amazon indicated that with the integration, Alexa voice assistant can only provide information about health data that Halo has collected, while the voice assistant itself cannot perform any analysis.

In addition to that, Alexa does not store any Halo data. You can set an audio PIN to protect access to Halo data. After entering the PIN, you can set a five-minute time limit to facilitate access to Halo data for subsequent requests. .

While the integration can be used with all Alexa-enabled devices (including smart screens), it does not offer any specific improvements for users using displays.

To view the fitness charts or graphs, you have to go to the Halo smartphone app.

Amazon said: If the tool's owner decides that integration is no longer required, they can deactivate the integration at any time via the app and manage and delete their records in the Alexa app's data protection center.

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