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Amazon prepares to release Kindle Paperwhite soon

Amazon collects ads in search results

Amazon is planning an event for beauty products

Amazon bans 600 Chinese brands

Amazon is fixing the user interface for Kindle devices

Amazon: Elon Musk doesn't care about rules

Amazon launches its first smart TV

Amazon Luna appears on Chromebooks and Fire tablets

Amazon needs to explain how its recommendation algorithm works

Amazon plans to boost active monitoring of AWS

Amazon wants to bring a branded TV to the market

Amazon Egypt officially launched and started its service

Misinformation about Corona treatment dominates the Amazon platform

Amazon is building a live audio business

Small Business Owners Leaving Amazon

Amazon enters the field of buy now, pay later

Amazon protests Starlink's second generation plan

Amazon has a tracking device to monitor truck drivers

Amazon plans to open supermarkets and other stores

Amazon required to clarify plans for biometric data

Amazon monitors keystrokes to protect customer data

Amazon opens its air hub to speed up deliveries

Amazon gives you an easier way to complain

Amazon sues Chinese sellers over counterfeit products

Amazon attracts Facebook advertisers after Apple changes

Amazon sellers are after you to delete negative reviews

Amazon plans to reduce waste after strong opposition

Amazon's dream of drone delivery is slowly collapsing

Amazon pays $10 for your fingerprint

Amazon launched a $55 smart soap dispenser

Amazon sales exceeded 113 billion dollars

Amazon faces a fine of $888 million in Europe

Old Kindle devices from Amazon are losing the Internet

Amazon denies report accepting bitcoin as payment

Amazon holds the keys to thousands of buildings

Amazon attacks app that detect fake reviews

Amazon plans to develop Alexa trackers for kids

Amazon wants to use radar to track your sleep patterns

Jeff Bezos is stepping down from the leadership of Amazon

Amazon's acquisition of MGM may be under investigation

Amazon increases interest in robot trucks

Amazon accurately calculates body fat percentage

Amazon is asking for help from social media

Amazon lowers store commissions to attract developers

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025

Amazon talks about new warehouse bots

Amazon uses your phone's camera to assess movement health

Amazon Prime Day starts June 21 21

Amazon allows customers to sue them

Amazon automatically shares your internet with neighbors

Amazon has installed the ZenBooth Meditation Kiosk in its warehouse

The richest man in the world quits his job at Amazon

Amazon acquires MGM for $ 8.45 billion

Amazon employees urge Jeff Bezos to support Palestine

Amazon's advertising revenue is twice that of Snap and Twitter combined

Amazon responds to Apple's announcement of the lossless audio feature

Amazon hopes to expand its entertainment business with the acquisition of MGM

Amazon launched another free video streaming service

Amazon announced an update to the Echo Show device

Amazon wins a lawsuit in the European Commission

Amazon sends out postcards to verify sellers' addresses

Amazon partners with Tile to counter Apple's AirTag

Amazon is taking advantage of the latest iOS update

Amazon announced a new line of Fire HD 10 devices

Amazon opens hair salon in London

Amazon begins its plan to cover the planet with the Internet

Amazon tests the delivery and installation of furniture for its customers

Amazon announced new Echo Buds with ANC functionality

The Echo Show 10 software supports zoom dialing with face tracking

Amazon plans to open discount stores for unsold items

Amazon is expanding the ambitions of its network segments

Huracán EVO receives voice commands via Alexa

Amazon monitors its drivers with artificial intelligence

Halo Fitness Tracker gets Alexa integration

Amazon Fire TV expands the capabilities of live TV

Amazon opened a grocery store in London without a cashier

Amazon attracts warehouse workers to work in grocery stores

Amazon tries to check employees to avoid corona

Amazon is developing a gaming streaming platform to compete

Is Amazon postponing Prime Day event due to corona virus?

Corona Amazon is forced to stop accepting delivery requests

Amazon needs 75,000 new employees to increase demand

Amazon uses the Treo Zor electric vehicle for delivery

Amazon allows voting to develop new product

Amazon manufactures broadcast TV sets in India

Fake Amazon reviews are wholesale online

Amazon uses the Mentor app to track drivers

Amazon plans to build wall echo devices

Amazon adds always-on surveillance cameras in delivery cars

Amazon sticks to developing games despite the problems

Flex Drivers Make $ 61 Million From Amazon

Amazon tests electric delivery trucks in Los Angeles

Amazon One is available at most Amazon Go stores

Apple and Amazon suspend Parler Social Network

Amazon is buying used commercial aircraft for the first time

Amazon is developing a tool to track sleep apnea

Amazon First TV is currently only available in India

Amazon wants to teach computer science in India

Amazon produces millions of kilograms of plastic waste

Amazon tests its Project Kuiper satellite internet project

Made for You .. a clothing service from Amazon

Amazon launches a bracelet to monitor mental and physical health

Amazon Zoox unveils a self-driving taxi

Amazon is testing writing commands for Alexa

Amazon adds webcam support to the Fire TV Cube

Amazon Alexa can switch between multiple languages

Amazon and Apple have cut short the new French initiative

Amazon adds Mac mini to its AWS Cloud

Amazon announces the biggest holiday shopping season ever

German Amazon workers are striking again

Amazon rewards its employees with more than $ 500 million

Amazon wants to stop selling fakes

Amazon Sidewalk is moving your network to Amazon

Amazon is investigating reports of stolen PlayStation 5 orders

Amazon is releasing glasses that you can use to talk to Alexa

Amazon ambitions for Amazon Prime Air remain

Top 5 Amazon Echo device performance issues and how to fix them

Amazon has officially announced the launch of its online pharmacy

Amazon employees arrested for stealing $ 592,000 for iPhone

Amazon GameOn .. A social network for gamers

Care Hub from Amazon to help elderly family members

Europe accuses Amazon of distorting competition

Amazon makes it easy for drivers to find jobs

Bezos sells more than $ 3 billion of Amazon shares

Corona saves Amazon travel expenses by about one billion US dollars

Amazon sales rose 37% beating expectations

Amazon blames a security issue for removing the Apple Card 

Amazon faces German strikes during Prime Day

Amazon announced the introduction of advanced electric

European Legislators for Bezos: Is Amazon Spying on Us?

Amazon officially announces the number of employees

Amazon launches virtual tours via Explore

With Amazon One you can pay with the palm of your hand

Amazon officially announces the date of its highly anticipated

Drone flying inside your home from Amazon

Amazon new Echo Show 10 screen tracks you wherever you go

Amazon announced the game streaming service Luna

Amazon is distancing itself from the Prime bike

Amazon has uniquely announced a new generation of Echo devices

Amazon Sidewalk..New Web Site Tracking System

When does Amazon Prime Day 2020 begin?

Amazon bans some competitors from advertising competing

Amazon: PS5 orders may not arrive on time

Amazon is adding aircraft to rival UPS and FedEx

Amazon has officially announced the launch of its podcast feature

Amazon renamed FreeTime to Amazon Kids

During a pandemic ... Amazon is selling merchandise at high prices

Amazon prohibits the sale of foreign seeds in the United States

Fake reviews fill Amazon and its hard to spot

Amazon is close to launching a drone delivery service

Amazon launched the Halo bracelet to monitor physical

Trump repeatedly accuses Amazon of causing the demise

Retailers have formed an alliance to combat counterfeits on Amazon

Amazon is expanding to enter the online pharmacy market

Amazon calls the Twitch Prime service Prime Gaming

Amazon employees access data from independent vendors

Amazon is significantly updating the Alexa PDA app

Amazon and Google pull racist products

Amazon expands Alexa ability to control applications

Amazon unveils a smart shopping cart that knows what to buy

For security reasons Amazon requires its employees to delete Tik Tok

Amazon acquires self-driving Zoox

Amazon helps non-programmers create apps

Amazon brings Prime Video app to Windows 10 Store

Amazon experienced the largest DDoS attack ever

Amazon faces massive antitrust investigations

Amazon prevents the police from using its facial recognition technology

A massive fire destroys the Amazon warehouse in California

Amazon unveils new update from Fire HD 8 devices

Mask attacks Amazon and demands its dismantling due to a book

Amazon turns to a Chinese company banned to supply thermal cameras

USA Adds Some Amazon Websites to Notorious Markets List

Amazon is testing the use of video calls to prevent fraud

Amazon uses fast technology to discover Corona

Corona helps Bezos increase its wealth to $ 138 billion

Amazon plans to cut commission rates significantly



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