How does Google improve app installation on Android phones?
How does Google improve app installation on Android phones?

Google has worked hard over the past few years to improve apps on the Google Play Store by optimizing the icons and resources downloaded on the device to make it fit all smartphones. The final step in this regard is a new feature. In Google Play Store, it says (Improve app install optimization.

What is this job? How does this help improve application installation on mobile phones?

According to a supporting document published by Google: This feature collects data about app installs so everyone can have a better experience. When you activate the feature in the store, your device tells Google that you have the parts of the app that you can access and in what order should the app open and run for the first time after installation? Enough people who install the same app can modify the app later so everyone can install, open and run the app faster.

As Google says, "This information is combined with data from other people using the same app to find metrics and determine which part of the app is the most important for everyone."

Example: This function evaluates the YouTube app, i. Most of the users use it to watch videos while few users use it to download videos or live broadcasts. In this case, Google Play Store can only prioritize downloading video playback items. Other accessories are only installed when the user wishes to use them.

Google stated that this feature has three advantages:

  •     Speed ​​up installation of apps from Google Play Store.
  •     Reducing the time it takes to open and run applications.
  •     Reducing pressure on phone resources such as processors, batteries and memory.

Google also clarified that this feature does not collect any data about you, like B. Your name, email address, or any other part of your personal information as it can confirm anything outside of the app (such as other apps or content in the phone) can see your data integrated into it and with other user data to find metrics and identification parts of the app that are important to everyone.

Although you can unsubscribe from this feature through the Google Play Store settings menu, canceling the subscription at the same time does not prevent you from obtaining data from other people, and even if you turn off the optimization feature to install the app, you can still use the app. Data is still being collected from other people.

It should be noted that this feature is currently not directly available in the Google Play Store. However, Google is expected to roll out this feature to all users as soon as possible.

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