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Google Meet automatically adjusts the brightness of the camera in the browser

Google's share of revenue in apps mimics that of Apple's

Google is developing a second foldable phone

Google's RCS protocol replaces SMS

Google introduces new privacy features for older phones

Google plans to add free channels to Google TV

Because of the monopoly Google is exposed to risks around the world

Push is Google's answer to Apple's Handoff feature

Fitbit introduces snoring and noise detection

Uncertainty grows over Google's next chip

Google Android 12 could release on October 4th

Google has provided user data to the Hong Kong authorities

Google introduces Material You into its suite of apps

Google search engine officially gets dark mode

Google pays less for temporary workers

Google: Android 12 in a few weeks

Series One Desk 27: Google Meet devices

Google makes Gmail a hub for voice and video calls

Google pays Apple billions of dollars to monopolize search

Google allows us to train AI with reCAPTCHA

YouTube has 50 million subscribers on Premium and Music

Google is developing a dedicated processor for Chromebook

Google Chrome makes it easy to navigate search results

Google Calendar shows the time you spend in the meeting

Google Chrome tests some next-generation gaming technologies

Google offers special discounts for Netflix

Google made $11.2 billion from its App Store

Google stops doctors support app Streams

Google Sheets suggests formulas and functions automatically

Google has updated its website to explain how search works

Google is rethinking its health strategy

If your device is echoing Google Meet will warn you

Google plans to customize its App Store ratings

Google allows you to find your workplace using the calendar

Google stopped making the Pixel 5 before the launch of the Pixel 6

Google is removing Android Auto from phone screens

Google and Tencent discuss collaborating against Epic Games

Google plans to block apps from sideloading

Google wants to bring Android games to your Mac

Google paid a lot to keep game developers

Google pushed to remove third-party app stores

Google Pixel smartphones do not come with a charger

Google Pixel 5A has a bigger screen and a bigger battery

Google Fuchsia OS available for Nest Hub devices

Google wants to be a copy of Apple

The foldable Pixel uses Google's tensor chip

Google could launch Pixel 5a on August 17th

With Android you can use facial expressions to control your phone

Google has abandoned its small flagship Android phone

Learn more about Google's crowdsourcing network

Pixel 6 with Samsung sensors

Google's Nest Hub warns you of nearby pollution

Get ready for Google to change the way ads work

Google prohibits the sale of tools to track user location data

Google Meet gives users more options

Google supports Google Pay in the UAE with Wear OS

Google has added an interactive search periodic table

Google offers kids a safer online experience

Google offers VPN services outside the United States

Google announces a new line of Titan security keys

Important changes coming to Android apps and Google Play Store

Will the introduction of the Pixel 5a hurt Google?

Google thought of buying Epic Games

Google's new Nest device is getting smarter

Google is taking the first step towards the next Pixel smartphone

Chrome OS receives eSIM and Google Meet

Google presents the first official glimpse of the Pixel 6

Google abandons Qualcomm and makes processors for its phones

Google is testing YouTube Premium Lite

Google turns its browser into a security key

Google Translate is testing a redesign

Your old Android device loses Google account functionality

Google supports Mask in the field of the computational brain

Google reveals the security part of the recommended app

To notify you when Google doesn't have a reliable answer

Google advertising revenue has increased compared to last year

Google wants to compete with the Pixel 6

Google reveals what Americans are looking for during a heat wave

Google is rethinking its emojis to make them more universal

Android 12 introduces a new way to auto-rotate

Google and GoDaddy work together to increase e-commerce

Google wants to encourage developers to use Stadia

Google faces a fine of 593 million dollars in France

The new Google app replaces Backup & Sync

Android 12 lets you play games while they're downloading

Google officially announces the end of Android Jelly Bean release

Google is afraid of the Samsung App Store

Google faces lawsuit over App Store commissions

Google fixes battery drain issue in Chrome OS

Google and Microsoft sued again

Google is moving away from APK files in the Android Store

Allegations Investigating the Bernanke Project on Google

Google enhances verification process for Android developers

Google helps solve food insecurity

Google delays cookie ban until 2023

Google supports multimedia applications by reducing commissions

Google's ad empire faces new European problems

Google wants to reduce product bia

Google is developing a network similar to Apple's Find My

Google Meet makes the raised hand more visible

Google is developing a new Pixel Stand for the Pixel 6

Google introduces tables in its cloud products

Google introduces workspace client encryption

Google makes workspace available to all users

Google's plan to remove cookies is moot

Google's AI designs chips faster than humans

Google attacks exploitative websites

Google enriches its cloud services with Firmina submarine cable

Google is developing a foldable Pixel smartphone

Google adjusts Android selection screen in Europe

Google Stadia brings to the latest Chromecast devices

Google phones shoot Night Sight videos

France targets Google with a fine of $267 million

Google helps map human brain tissue

Google Chrome improves security for safe browsing

Google is migrating parts of YouTube to the cloud

Google launches Pixel Buds A-series headphones

Google is upgrading Android privacy to compete with Apple

Google photos .. free unlimited storage end

Google pledges not to make any exceptions to its apps

Screenshot tool added to Google Chrome for Android

Google makes it difficult to find privacy settings

Google developed a healthy algorithm

Google picks the electric Jaguar I-Pace for its street photography

Russia gives Google 24 hours to remove blocked content

Google has officially launched the Fuchsia OS

You can use Google Photos to remove screenshots

Google Chrome crashes on Windows 10 and Linux

Google's Pixel 6 Pro may have a triple camera

Google rediscovers RSS with the follow the site function

Google opens its first physical store this summer

Google's commitment to Matter could unite the smart home industry

Google's artificial intelligence can identify common skin diseases

You can use the Google Chrome browser to change the compromised password

Google is the market leader with 3 billion Android devices

Google wants to use Project Starline to convert you into a hologram

Google has a smart drawing board that can collaborate on work

Google Maps has received several new updates

Google Photos gives you more control over your memories

Google announces a beta version of Android 12

Google employees are calling for the company to support the Palestinians

Google is looking for a major update to Wear OS

Google faces a $ 120 million fine in Italy

SpaceX and Google signed a contract with Starlink

Google helps the England coach choose his team

Google can control Stadia games on TV using mobile phone

Google Play requires privacy information next year

Google makes its voice assistant more useful for the family

Google puts two-factor authentication as basic

Google is trying to preserve the endangered languages

Google is working to make Android tablets more useful

Google Chromecast is getting new features

Google developed the price tracking feature for the Android Chrome browser

Guacamole lets you make calls without Hey Google

Android 12 supports hibernation for unused apps

Chrome browser improves work efficiency with new functions

Google Earth shows the damage from climate change

Chrome can easily reopen recently closed tabs

Cloudtop: Google's virtual desktop gadget

Google Lens accesses the web version of Google Photos

Google hopes to return to the realm of health records

Google is shutting down Play Movies TV on multiple platforms

Google shuts down its mobile shopping app

Google's secret Bernanke Plan increased profit margins

Google is being targeted because of tracking Android users

Google confirms rumors about Pixel 5A 5G presence

Google announced a number of new WebXR experiments

Google accidentally leaks Pixel Buds A in green

Google's Pixel Buds may include spatial audio functionality

The Pixel 6 is powered by Google's new GS101 chip

Google prevents apps from knowing other installed apps

Google Stack .. Demonstration app for scanning and saving documents

Google is testing FLoC ... it can replace external cookies

Unlimited Google Meet calls will run through June

Google Maps adds augmented reality technology to the shopping center

Google Assistant offers emotional support in Arabic

Google announces Android Ready SE Alliance

All you need to know about new Google Lens features

The storage function can turn Google Assistant into an Android organizer

How does Google improve app installation on Android phones?

OS wearables have custom panels

Open a dispute between Microsoft and Google

Google reduces Chrome resource consumption

Google lets you add missing routes into Maps

Google connects Android phones to Chromebooks via the Phone Hub

Google Translate is still missing medical instructions

Google TV will add children's accounts this month

How will Google change its ad targeting rules to protect privacy?

Google speeds up the Chrome release cycle every four weeks

Wolverine .. Google's Secret Project to Give You Breakthrough Hearing

Google launched Flutter 2 heralding a new era of apps

Google wants a privacy-first web based

Google makes it easy to switch accounts in the Chrome browser

Pixel Update brings new features to mobile device users

Google warns users of Google Photos about the quality

How Google's huge submarine cables detect earthquakes before they happen?

Google introduces improved sleep tracking tools for Android apps

Google is funding Linux kernel developers to focus on security

Google offers a password verification tool for Android

How does Google Maps help limit the spread of the Corona virus?

Google brings new educational tools to Chromebooks

Google announces new features in its educational products

Google Maps offers payment for parking

Google Photos introduces new editing functions

Google pays 450 sites to provide you with free news

Google is testing dark mode for desktop search

First take a look at Google's Android 12

Google is removing a popular barcode reader app

Google paid researchers $ 6.7 million in 2020

Google wants to test fire drones

Google launched a new news platform in Australia

Google plans to add anti-tracking features to the Android system

Pixel can read your heart rate with the camera

Android TV is very similar to Google TV

You can use Google Meet to preview the video before the meeting

Google is working to facilitate the identification of search results

Google introduces tab groups in Chrome

Google reveals Apple's BlastDoor security feature

MicroDroid: An abstract version of Android for virtual devices

Google: North Korea is targeting security researchers

Google turns some of its offices into sites for vaccination against Corona

Google employees form a global union federation

Google is testing cookies to replace them

Google threatens to remove the search engine from Australia

Google redesign its mobile search engine

Chrome 88 makes it easy to manage and change passwords

Google faces an investigation in the UK over Chrome

Google employees announce union plans

Google and Snap are negotiating an investment in ShareChat

Google will shut down cloud printing this week

Google collects videos from Instagram and Tik Tok

Google's adaptive billing feature works at certain times

Google is working hard to solve the biggest issue with the Chrome browser. Details here

MuZero by Google is an expert in the game and doesn't know the rules

Google reveals a security vulnerability in the Windows operating system

Microsoft and Google join the fight against NSO

Google and Facebook are working together against antitrust measures

Google has released a new update for Android Go users

Google Stadia has arrived on iPhone and iPad

CloudReady is now part of Google

Google has added a timeline feature to its photo service

The European Union is imposing heavy fines on Google and Facebook

Google allows you to modify Office files directly in email attachments

Google pulls an update after causing a problem with SMS messages

Google allows restrictions on advertising, alcohol and gambling

Chrome introduces new privacy rules for add-ons

The Google Photos app can sync your favorite photos to Apple Photos on iOS

Google is working to improve location tracking accuracy on Android phones

Google Stadia is expanding internationally

Google offers Apple Music to devices with Google Assistant

Google photos add background changes related to your memories

Google introduced the earch by tab option in Chrome OS

Google announced 5 major Android features

Loon balloons are based on artificial intelligence from Google

Google supports taking Street View photos with mobile phones only

Google is shutting down the Poly platform for virtual reality content

Google Maps highlights the changes in your city

Google wants to use new mobile device management services

Google wants to speed up installation of important applications

Hangouts is losing group video calls

Google Assistant can organize smart lights

The Task Mate app from Google makes it easy to earn money

Google is working to improve privacy standards for Chrome extensions

Project Guideline .. an app from Google to help the visually impaired

Google is extending Chrome browser support to Windows 7

Google has officially started encrypting messages from Android Message users

Google goes beyond Apple's limits by launching the Stadia web app for iOS

Gmail tools indicate issues with iOS gadgets

Google Assistant adds family-friendly features

You can now message your friends using Google Stadia

With Google Maps, you can make calls and listen to music

Google is launching the ARM version of the Chrome browser for the new Apple computers

Google enters banking to rival Venmo

Google preferred Airbnb over its products

Google and Apple join the Next G Alliance to jointly develop 6G

Discover 3 new features of Google Maps

Google launched voice advertising jobs on YouTube

Gmail gives you more control over your data

How to install Google Chat in Gmail

Google is working to fix more vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser

Google warns Google Drive users not to delete their files

165 companies are asking the European Union to account for Google

Google Images wants you to improve machine learning

Google is using light rays to deliver the Internet in Africa

Google Photos is testing some subscription editing features

Google will not file a withdrawal request from the Department of Justice

Google launches an app that locks phones if their payments are late

Google uses electrical signals from the brain to monitor depression

Chrome received the second patch within two weeks

Google asks apps to target Android 10

Google has revealed a Windows security vulnerability that is now being exploited

Google automatically converts web pages into videos

Some Google One plans come with a free VPN service

Alphabet sales grow again as advertisers return to Google

Google is intensifying its campaign against the Digital Services Act

Finally solve the most annoying Google Drive issue

Google products now use recycled materials

Facebook Twitter and Google officials will defend the laws that protect them

Google faces its largest antitrust lawsuit ever ... Details

Searching for an iPhone costs Google $ 8 to $ 12 billion annually

Chrome OS looks dark, and this is what it looks like

The Department of Justice sets a deadline for responding to Google's antitrust lawsuits

Google is testing a smart screen that works just by looking

Google announced 10 new smart screen features

Google closed Hangout and the chatting function started

Google has sent out 33,000 phishing alerts

Google warns of errors in IoT devices

Driving mode in Google Assistant is available for Android

Google reveals its largest DDoS attack yet

Google has closed the Trusted Contacts app

The humming feature of Google search discovers the song

Google: Chinese hackers impersonating Biden's McAfee campaigns

Is Google succeeding in making YouTube a major e-commerce platform?

In short Google Maps shows how busy the place is right on the map

Google is ramping up its persuasion to convince Europe to agree to the Fitbit deal

Google Glass gets Meet app

Google announces a thermostat that uses radar to sense your approach

Google moves jobs to Poland in retaliation for contractors

Google plans to make YouTube a major shopping destination

Google Assistant can now interact with external applications

The Supreme Court hears Google and Oracle cases

You can use the Google Smart Backpack to control your phone

Google launched Chrome 86 with many security functions

Google launches cross app security alerts feature

Gmail has introduced a new logo in Google Colors

Google allows people with disabilities to use its smart assistant

Google has formed a new security team for sensitive apps

Although Google is banned China prefers Chrome

Google lists Android vulnerabilities within corporate devices

Google gives you the new Chromecast device for free ... but on condition

The end of the Google Daydream virtual reality platform

Google is adding features that were previously announced as non-essential

Nest Audio: Google's new smart speaker

The new Chromecast comes with Google TV

Google Recorder app has editing functions

Google Play Movies & TV is now called Google TV

Google has set moderate sales targets for smartphones

Google will pay publishers $ 1 billion in news fees over three years

Google may face antitrust investigations in China

New Google Chromecast hitting stores before it is announced

Android 12 makes it easy to install apps from external stores

Bing and Google appear on Android phones in Europe

Google is offering new deals to complete the Fitbit acquisition

Google Shopping continues to hurt its competitors

Google: 3% of paid apps are not compatible with Play Store tax

Google Meet limits meetings to 60 minutes

Google clones Apple by clamping down on developers

Google Maps helps you know the extent of Corona in your area

Work better at home with new tools from Google

Google Pixel 4A 5G specs leak

Google has discontinued the Pixelbook

Is Google Chrome more secure than ever?

Can Google take over your phone with the new iOS 14?

Google blocks spy apps in its store

Google Drive automatically deletes files from trash after a month

The advantage of Google Drive is that you can delete files permanently

Google preserves historical maps in 3D

Google is launching a range of conference room devices

Google only wants to use renewable energy

Google wants to separate Chrome from Chrome OS

Google will announce the upcoming Pixel 5 phone

Google Groups brought a new design to everyone

Google launches Android 11 Go version with major improvements

Google wants to prevent a quick victory in the US election

Fundo by Google makes monetizing video events

Google's mobile app checks calls

Google launched Android 11 ... not just for Pixel phones this time

Does Google Maps display Corona virus data?

Google proposes a new tech hub that looks like a city

Google has removed apps that contain Joker malware

Benefits of Google Maps and the newly launched Waze app

Google is making important changes to ads. Here are the main changes

Apple and Google have introduced a built-in notification system to prevent corona

Google launches Kids Space to make Android tablets suitable for children

Google sells ethical advice to AI companies

Halvor ... maybe Google's next Pixelbook

Google allows fraudulent email voting ads

Google Assistant supports direct donation feature to humanitarian organizations

Google engineers are confused about Google's privacy settings

Google is making the glance feature in its smart assistant even more intelligent

Google makes it possible to visualize ancient creatures in augmented reality

Google is close to launching a new Android TV product

Why should your home be obliterated in Google Street View?

Google hidden dinosaur game is getting a big update

Google is considering purchasing part of the TikTok app

Google: Android limits third-party camera apps

Google is testing a secret 6 GHz network

If the web form is not secure Chrome browser will notify you

Google Maps has been updated with the most accurate street detail

Google: Gmail combines four items into one

According to Google's plan Meet will replace Duo

Google forced OnePlus to cancel the Fortnite deal

The next version of Wear OS will be released in the fall

Google makes it easy to create Android apps on Chrome OS

Google hides the website address completely in Chrome

Google will convert Android phones into seismographs

Google is testing a feature that you'll see as a celebrity in search results

Russia imposes a third fine on Google for not hiding blocked content

Google Maps is receiving a major update for iOS

Google Maps update makes saved bookmarks more useful

Google has suddenly stopped selling the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Google is launching the latest Android 11 beta

Google officially announces the launch of the Nearby Share file service

Google now allows playing with digital bugs in augmented reality

Google announces the upcoming release date of Pixel 4A

Google provides certain features of Google One Storage to everyone free of charge

Grace Hopper: The New Google Marine Cable

Google extends home work system until June 2021

Amazon and Google pull racist products

The Google Security team has boycotted Apple's security plan

Google uses Android to track the use of competing applications

Google will initially delay mobile indexing until next year

Google is trying a Chromebook with a dual touch screen

Reliance cooperation with Google threatens Chinese companies

Google supports rental bikes directions in its maps

Google blocks ads for conspiracy theories on Corona virus

Google expands Play Pass app and games subscription service

Google promises to invest $ 10 billion in India

Google has released photos for the upcoming Pixel 4A

More and more web apps are entering the Play Store

Google bans advertisements of spy products on others

Google introduces the second beta of Android 11

Google officially supports dark mode in the desktop app

Google Chrome on Android will get 64-bit versions soon

Google's acquisition of Fitbit raises European concerns

Google is testing support for Chrome 64-bit architecture to improve performance

Google confirms that its Nearby Share feature is coming soon

Google Smart Writing will soon be applied to WhatsApp and Telegram

Google brings the smart reply feature to YouTube

Google acquires North leader in augmented reality glasses

Google is testing many important functions of the Meet app

Google has introduced a new image service design to restore memories from the past

Google added a check for image search

Google ends sending printed images

Google makes it easier for developers to build voice actions for its assistant

Google offers Stadia Premiere Edition for $ 99

Google delays Pixel 4a until October

Google will support Android 11 bubbles in the Messages app soon

Google supports Stadia game streaming on almost all Android phones

Google launches Kean and will compete with Pinterest

Google launches beta Android 11 with many functions

Google updates its maps to protect users from Corona

Google launches Currents to replace Google+

Google faces a serious threat to ad domination

Google faces a $ 5 billion lawsuit

Google deletes an Indian app targeting Chinese apps

Google adds new features to Android to improve sleep

Google has delayed Android 11 due to protests

Google launches a tool that uses augmented reality to maintain social separation

Google launches a fraud prevention website

Google launches a feature to share any site in its maps even without a title

Google wants to fix Chrome memory management errors

Google refuses to build artificial intelligence tools for oil recovery

Google has announced that Chrome will launch a number of features soon

Google plans to launch Pixel 5 without Motion Sense

Google Chrome blocks ads that drain battery

Google suffers from a shortage of laptops

Google introduced basic features for organizing Chrome tabs

Google has launched Family Mode for the SMS Duo app

Google's dream of building a smart city in Toronto has ended

Google Lets allows handwriting and copying to your computer

Google will launch Android 11 on June 3

Google begins integrating Meet with Gmail to compete with Zoom

Google data shows how people hold on to their homes because of corona

Google shuts down Shoelace's experimental social network

Google launches an update to make file sharing less confusing

Google starts releasing Google Bud headphones at competitive prices

Google has abandoned the tipping feature to donate money to sites

Google tells you that search results are not good?

Google offers improved Meet features to compete with Zoom

Fortnite game are first available on Google Store

Google allows retailers to sell products for free on Google Shopping

Google introduces secure remote access service without VPN

Google blocks 18 million fraudulent emails every day

Google is testing discount cards similar to Apple's

Google plans to add advanced features to the Meet service

Google adds a baby tab to its store

Report: Google develops a special processor for Chromebook phones and computers

Chrome OS replaces web applications with Android applications

Google Pixel 4a leaked expected specifications

Google introduces a new Android keyboard for the blind

Google prohibits employees from using Zoom

Google renames the Hangouts Meet to Google Meet

Google offers free paid Stadia due to Corona

Google: mandatory support for seamless updates to Android 11 devices

Chrome OS receives iPad-style navigation gestures

Google launches news center against the Corona virus

Google’s AI tools can turn your photos into artwork

Google launched a website that monitors user actions against Corona

Google plans to lift the ban on corona ads

Google ends the march of my Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Google has announced $ 800 million in support for small businesses

Google continues to update Chrome shortly

Google has fixed the worst issue for Chrome

Google will launch one of the most important features of the Galaxy Z Flip for more Android phones

The COVID-19 tracker can be used on Android phones on Google Play


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