Huawei launched the Petal Mail messaging service
Huawei launched the Petal Mail messaging service

It is reported that Huawei is currently preparing to launch its own email service called Petal Mail to fill the void left by Gmail.

After the United States banned Huawei, the Chinese company can no longer use Google's mobile services.

This means that Huawei will not be able to use the popular Gmail service, but Huawei has done a lot to fill the void.

Although Huawei's smartphone business is in a difficult position due to the ongoing US sanctions, the company continues to work hard to deliver a good software experience across all devices.

Since then, the company has launched Huawei Mobile Services, which aims to offer alternative products to Google Mobile Services.

In addition to developing an Android alternative called Harmony OS, the company has also released alternatives to Google services like HMS, HMS Core, AppGallery, Petal Search, and Petal Maps over the past two years.

Although these services are not yet widely used outside of China, Huawei has begun testing its Gmail alternative called Petal Mail in China.

Users can now subscribe to the service as registration gives them an email hosted by the Petal Mail service and allows them to provide feedback during the initial trial period.

For now, Huawei's Petal Mail interface looks very simple with two options on the side menu.

This includes incoming email, tracked email, drafts, sent email, spam and spam.

The user interface is divided into two columns. All emails in the user's inbox should be displayed in the first column and selected emails expanded in the second column.

Currently, very little information is available about Huawei's new messaging service.

The report states that the company is also introducing a new virtual currency called Petals available to its users, and the information shows that the current value is 0.01 yuan (roughly $ 0.0015).

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