YouTube is testing app for Chromecast devices with the Android TV interface
YouTube is testing app for Chromecast devices with the Android TV interface

In recent years, the YouTube streaming experience to a Chromecast-connected TV has remained virtually unchanged.

It appears that Google is currently building the YouTube app for Chromecast which was released after the release of Android TV.

When you stream video from a mobile phone to a TV connected to your Chromecast, a video player is downloaded, which in the lower left corner contains basic details including channel name, number of views, date and time. 'hour.

When you're done editing, you'll be returned to the main screen, which says "Ready to watch".

Starting with the remote control displayed in the YouTube mobile app, some users have the opportunity to try out a unique experience.

The launcher allows users to change the precision, captions, labels, and even access nerd statistics.

In addition to that, they can add new videos to queue or playlist.

Instead of showing the Home screen at the end of the video, the Home screen suggests what to display next, like: b. Android TV.

The link function can also be viewed using the "Watch on TV" link option.

At least two users have come across the YouTube app for Chromecasts so far, and Reddit users can capture the Settings screen with Google Chromecast Ultra.

Users can clear display history, search, and reset apps.

At the same time, someone else got a new user interface through the 3rd generation Chromecast, and ads using this UI have grown significantly.

With this new app, Google introduces more powerful functionality, especially for player controls, that interacts with the YouTube experience through streaming. Surfing together has its own benefits and lets you do more things on a bigger screen.

The YouTube app trying to use Chromecast is still being tested and it shows that there are many ways to download clips from YouTube without software.

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