IBM releases the Quantum Computers Developer Certificate
IBM releases the Quantum Computers Developer Certificate

IBM announced the release of its first developer certification for programming quantum computers. Although quantum computing is still in its infancy, most industry experts have made it clear that it is time to learn the basics.

While the knowledge of quantum computers is straightforward, the software tools developed by most people in the industry today should be familiar to nearly every developer.

Little wonder then that the official certification named IBM Quantum Developer focuses on software tools from IBM, in particular Qiskit, an open source framework for quantum computers that provides tools for creating, running, and executing programs. Quantum software.

It turns out, Qiskit is popular with over 600,000 installations. When the IBM Quantum and Qiskit team held the Quantum Summer School last year, nearly 5,000 developers attended it.

In addition to understanding the basics of qiskit (thinking about defining and implementing quantum circuits), developers must also gain a basic understanding of quantum computing itself.

With knowledge of Bloch, Pauli Matrix, and State of Bell, you can take a certification exam, which is administered through the Pearson VUE platform.

"This is only the first in a series of quantitative certification programs," said Abi Asfaw, global director of quantitative education and open science at IBM.

He added, what we have created is a graded developer certification and through this announcement we are offering the first level certification.

Developers at this level can learn to use quantum circuits, create quantum circuits with Qiskit, work on a quantum computer, visualize results, and interpret results.

This paves the way for the next round of certification IBM is developing, and then links those certifications with the use of cases studied in the chemical and financial fields.

Asfao noted that IBM has long focused on training developers of quantum computers, in part because developing skills for building quantum circuits takes time.

He also noted that Qiskit has built several tools that departmental and app level developers should use.

The idea is to make it easier for anyone developing to operate these tools and integrate quantum computers into the workflow.

IBM often helps skill developers (from its partner companies) who are interested in quantum computing.

With the new certification program, developers can now formally demonstrate their skills and demonstrate their ability to use quantum computers in their workflow.

Quantum computing is expected to change the way we solve computing problems, and global interest in this solution has grown steadily over the past few years.

The market research report predicts that quantum computers will grow into a $ 65 billion industry by 2030 and create new quantum jobs.

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