ID.Buzz electric minibus will be released in 2022
ID.Buzz electric minibus will be released in 2022

Volkswagen has clarified some new details about the launch of ID.Buzz, the first electric minibus in 2017.

(Carsten Intra), Volkswagen's head of commercial vehicles, confirmed in an interview previous reports that the release of ID.Buzz in the US has been delayed from 2022 to 2023.

In addition, only the passenger version of ID.Buzz received the American version, while in Europe the commercial and passenger versions of electric minibuses were offered.

The base version of ID.Buzz can have a 200hp rear-wheel drive, while the more powerful version has a 300hp all-wheel drive system.

ID.Buzz's European Commercial Edition, originally introduced as Buzz Cargo, contains sensors and software with independent functions. However, a standalone version can only be offered after the regular version has been introduced.

Volkswagen, which also includes Audi, Skoda and Porsche, wants this to be the first self-driving car to exist.

ID.Buzz would like to pay tribute to the company's premium vehicles that were sold in North America between 1950 and 1980.

Since all of the batteries are installed underground, the production version is expected to be slightly different from the original robust version.

Upon its release, the ID.Buzz minibus will join the ID 3 hatchback, ID 4 all-wheel drive and ID 5 coupe, which will be the latest members of Volkswagen's rapidly growing group of electric cars.

China will also get an ID 6 in the future, and the Volkswagen Electric ID set also includes concept versions of the large ID Roomzz all-terrain vehicle and the ID Buggy Dune all-terrain vehicle, all made by the platform. Volkswagen MEB electric car shape.

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