Japan is preparing to issue vaccination passports
Japan is preparing to issue vaccination passports

Nikkei Asian Review reported that Japan is preparing to issue digital health certificates to citizens who have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus and join China, the European Union and other countries, have taken similar measures and hand over passports for open travel abroad.

The certificate can be managed via a mobile app and it is in line with international standards so that the carrier can provide evidence of vaccination when boarding a plane or in a hotel.

The outbreak has put severe pressure on international travel. Air traffic has decreased by two-thirds over the past year and the tourism industry has plummeted.

Some people believe that while equity issues hinder the use of vaccination cards, vaccination cards are a panacea for redesign.

The government plans to add the certificate to the digital certificate request with negative test results for submission next month and link that information to a new system that tracks the progress of the government vaccination program.

In addition to Japanese citizens traveling abroad, the app also targets foreigners residing in Japan who return to their home countries.

The Japanese government has warned against using passports as a vaccine for family travel, and Japanese Health Minister Norihisa Tamura said the documents could lead to discrimination and prejudice - a view endorsed by some lawmakers in Parliament.

Even if the appeal is planned, the government has no plans to use vaccination cards for Go Travel to spur tourism demand.

The European Union plans to issue vaccination certificates before the summer, and visitors to the European Union from Japan may be required to present the certificates upon boarding the plane.

China released its own version of the vaccination record this month, although travelers still need to undergo a vaccination quarantine upon arrival in the country.

When the Japanese government sets its certification standards in addition to the CommonPass digital certification required by the World Economic Forum, EU certification is also referenced.

Japan issued a paper certificate, and people who receive the vaccine can attach the vaccination certificate to the certificate issued by the local government.

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