Venezuela describes Maduro's Facebook comment as digital totalitarian
Venezuela describes Maduro's Facebook comment as digital totalitarian

The government of Venezuela accused Facebook of digital inclusiveness after it froze the page of President (Nicolas Maduro) for 30 days for violating policies that prohibit publishing false information about the Corona virus by promoting a treatment that it claims without evidence it can cure the disease.

Facebook said over the weekend that it had also removed a video of Maduro promoting a treatment for carvativir in Venezuela that claims there is no evidence that it can cure the disease.

Facebook added: Due to repeated violations of our rules, we have blocked the page for 30 days. During this time, the page is read-only and the page administrator has been notified of the policy violation, but Maduro's account will not be affected via the Facebook platform on Instagram.

The social media giant has stated that it is following WHO guidelines and currently has no drugs to treat the virus.

And Venezuela's information ministry said in a statement: Facebook is tracking the contents of the outbreak and describing carvativir as a national production and technology.

The ministry added: We are witnessing the application of digital inclusion by multinational companies that want to impose their laws on countries around the world.

Venezuelan doctors have warned that carvativir has not been confirmed. This remedy is derived from thyme, which is a medicinal plant that has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years.

Maduro has been tasked with overseeing the economic meltdown since taking office in 2013, and Washington and many Western countries have called him a dictator. Mrs. (Celia Flores) on Facebook.

Maduro has said in the past that he and his allies have been unfairly treated by social media companies, including what he calls arbitrary account suspensions.

Maduro frequently uses social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and occasionally broadcasts speeches on Facebook Live.

The South American country reported 155,663 new cases of coronavirus and 1,555 deaths.

These numbers are lower than their counterparts in many regions, but the country's political opponents say the actual number of cases may be much higher due to a lack of testing.

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