Loyal Wingman ... a game-changer fighter jet
Loyal Wingman ... a game-changer fighter jet

Boeing and the Royal Air Force announced that the Loyal Wing fighter, designed for use with manned aircraft, has completed its first flight test.

The Loyal Wingman, the first military aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia in more than 50 years, was designed under the supervision of a Boeing test pilot observing from a ground control position in South Australia.

The Australian government has invested A $ 40 million (US $ 31 million) in product development, and Boeing said the funds could be earmarked for other global customers.

Boeing is 11.6 meters long and has a range of 3,704 kilometers.

Its interface can be disassembled to accommodate different payloads, and it can hold weapons and act as a shield to protect more expensive manned fighters.

As military personnel around the world search for cheaper and safer ways to maximize their resources, defense companies are increasingly investing in autonomous technology.

In January, the United Kingdom signed a £ 30m ($ 42m) contract with Spirit AeroSystems' Belfast office to purchase a similar type of drone for test flights over the next three years.

During the test flight in Australia, the faithful wing used his skills to verify his function and demonstrate design performance before flying on a pre-set path at different speeds and altitudes.

The first Loyal Wingman prototype serves as the basis for the Boeing Air Wing system, which provides development services to many global defense customers.

Boeing said it is developing more companies with wings of loyalty and planning group flights later this year.

The aircraft manufacturer previously stated that as many as 16 Royal Wings aircraft can carry out missions in cooperation with manned aircraft.

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