Volvo to move fully to electricity by 2030
Volvo to move fully to electricity by 2030

Swedish company Volvo announced on Tuesday that all car lines will be fully electric by 2030.

The Swedish company has joined a growing number of automakers planning to phase out fossil fuel engines by the end of the decade.

Commenting on the future demand for electric cars, CEO Håkan Samuelsson said: "I firmly believe that no customer will be willing to use gasoline engines and we firmly believe that electric cars are more attractive to customers."

The Swedish automaker said that by 2025, 50% of its global sales are expected to come from all-electric cars and other hybrid vehicles.

Volvo, a subsidiary of Geely, has said it will launch a new family of electric cars in the coming years, and they will only be sold online.
Later on Tuesday, Volvo is preparing to launch its all-electric prototype, the C40.

“Volvo is working hard to provide wireless upgrade and repair services for its new electric models. This is a method developed by Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer,” said Samuelson.

As Europe and China struggle to meet carbon dioxide emissions targets, and with fossil fuel vehicles looming in some countries, automakers are rushing to switch to a zero-emissions model.

Ford said last month that its European lineup would be fully electric by 2030.

Jaguar Land Rover said: luxury brand Jaguar (Jaguar) will be an all-electric car in 2025, and the automaker will launch an electric model production line in 2030.

Last November, Bentley, the Volkswagen-owned luxury car manufacturer in Germany, announced that its models will be fully electric by 2030.

The head of Daimler's truck division said last week that the switch to electricity had created thousands of jobs at the company's German power plant.

Volvo said it is investing heavily in online sales channels to significantly reduce the complexity of its model range and offer clear prices to customers.

The automaker's global network consists of 2,400 traditional dealers who can continue to provide vehicle maintenance services and assist customers in ordering online.

On the company website, customers can choose from an optimized and pre-selected range of Volvo EVs for fast delivery, while still ordering custom models.

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