Nintendo Switch will release a larger OLED display this year
Nintendo Switch will release a larger OLED display this year

Nintendo plans to launch a new model for its Nintendo Switch gaming platform this year that will feature a larger OLED screen than Samsung.

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, the company hopes the larger touchscreen can meet demand in time for the holiday.

Samsung will start producing 7-inch 720p OLED screens from June. The initial monthly goal would be a million or less. The display is expected to be shipped to collectors in July.

With Animal Crossing and the chip crisis rocking the competition, Nintendo plans to keep the Nintendo Switch lineup until it continues to sell well on Xbox and PlayStation.

Nintendo devices have now entered their fifth year, and Sony and Microsoft have new, more powerful platforms on the market.

The online gaming community speculated about the introduction of OLED screens, but Nintendo remained silent.

Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo Video Games, said in February that Nintendo has no plans to announce a new Nintendo Switch platform anytime soon.

Samsung's participation is the strongest sign that Nintendo is attaching great importance to a large-scale platform upgrade.

After the Nintendo Switch helped Nintendo post its best quarterly profit since 2008, Nintendo increased its forecast for the year in February.

The video game company hopes that this situation will continue until 2021, despite fierce competition and the spread of the epidemic.

Compared to the current platform LCD, OLED consumes less battery, provides higher contrast and faster response time.

Nintendo decided to use solid-state OLED screens in the new version of the platform. This is an inexpensive but inflexible alternative to the OLED screens commonly used in high-end smartphones.

When used with a TV, the latest version includes 4K Ultra HD graphics.

Samsung is taking advantage of the deal as the market price for solid-state OLED displays has decreased due to the oversupply and customers like Nintendo can help the South Korean giant improve its production plans.

At a time when semiconductor shortages make supply of display components scarce, Nintendo believes in its role as a valuable partner and supplier.

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