WhatsApp offers voice and video calls for its app
WhatsApp offers voice and video calls for its app

Facebook's messaging service said Thursday that WhatsApp is adding support for voice and video calls to its desktop app, providing convenience for the countless people sitting in front of their computers.

WhatsApp mentioned that its desktop app for Windows and Mac OS has been around for about five years. Single calls are currently supported, but voice and video calls will be added to this functionality in the future.

Video calls work smoothly in both portrait and landscape mode, and the desktop app is always on top, so you'll never lose a video chat in a browser tab or in an open window.

It can be said that support for voice and video calls has not yet extended to the WhatsApp web app.

For the millions of users who use the WhatsApp desktop app on a daily basis and need to use Zoom or Google Meet to make one-on-one video calls on the desktop, support for new features should help.

WhatsApp, used by more than 2 billion people, is not involved in the proliferation of voice and video calls on its platform, but it said it handled more than 1.4 billion calls on New Year's Eve.

Just like the 100 billion messages that WhatsApp handles daily across its platform, voice and video calls are also encrypted all the time.

After the service had been famous for months with making improvements to its apps, it became apparent that WhatsApp had been adding new features faster and faster over the past year.

In late January, Facebook added biometric authentication of fingerprints or face or eye patterns to desktop and web apps for WhatsApp. This is another layer of protection after today's update.

In addition, temporary news, photos and videos were released in the second half of last year and the payment service was launched in India, the country's largest market in terms of the number of users.

Since WhatsApp is trying to convince users to agree to expected changes to its privacy policy, new features have been added as well.

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