SoundPoint IP 560 desktop phone with GigE
SoundPoint IP 560 desktop phone with GigE

Introducing the SoundPoint IP 560 desktop phone with GigE, a quad-line SIP phone that delivers unparalleled richness and clarity and supports a full range of advanced features to demonstrate your future investment in network infrastructure. It is an ideal choice for professionals and managers who need collaboration and communication. The SoundPoint IP 560 Desktop Phone uses the revolutionary Polycoms HD audio technology to provide rich, realistic clarity for every call. Polycom HD audio technology includes broadband audio. The sound clarity is more than double. Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity technology delivers pure, noise-free and echo-free sound and a first-class system design that enables reliable sound reproduction with high fidelity. The SoundPoint IP 560 Desktop Phone is designed to make installation, configuration and updates as easy and efficient as possible. The included IEEE 802.3af PoE and Gigabit Ethernet switches provide flexible deployment options and reduce cable costs. It supports remote configuration and various server upgrades as well as redundancy in connection and operation servers to ensure reliable and uninterrupted performance. The SoundPoint IP 560 desktop phone is powered by the latest Gigabit Ethernet IP phone technology and has a dual port Gigabit Ethernet switch that integrates seamlessly with a desktop or server computer. For companies with existing GigE deployments, the SoundPoint IP 560 desktop phone provides fast and unhindered access to productivity-enhancing applications. For companies planning to move to GigE, the SoundPoint IP 560 desktop phone can protect network infrastructure investments.

  •  Grayscale LCD (320 x 160) display with Polycom HD audio
  • Four lines can hold up to 24 simultaneous calls
  • XHTML provides a small browser for web applications
  • With a common communication thread / bridging line
  • Comes with 802.3af Power over Ethernet (POE)

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