Cisco SPA509G 12-Line IP Phone
Cisco SPA509G 12-Line IP Phone

The manufacturer-supplied 12-line VoIP Phone uses a monochrome backlit display to provide small businesses with an enriching user experience, simplifying usability, aesthetics, and on-screen applications. High Resolution Audio delivers unprecedented clarity of sound. Dual speaker phone optimized for clear conversations throughout the office; An integrated switch port can be connected to your computer.

Full range of cell phones

Cisco offers a wide variety of phones for small businesses. As the global leader in VoIP and unified communications, Cisco understands that you need a variety of options to ensure you get the right phone for the job, employee, or role. In some cases, aesthetics are important, while in others, durability, size, and number of buttons or features are more important. Whatever your business needs, Cisco SPA 500 Series IP Phones can meet your needs while reducing the workload of your employees.

Cisco SPA 500 Series IP Phone

The Cisco SPA 500 Series IP Phones are part of the Cisco Small Business Pro Series, designed specifically for small businesses and are supported on all Cisco Small Business phone systems. The Cisco SPA 500 Series is an affordable, reliable, elegant, and easy-to-use phone line-up suitable for small businesses that require small office phones with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

High fidelity sound

When you pair the Cisco SPA 509G with a Cisco Smart Business Communications System or hosted phone service that supports High-Resolution Audio, you can enjoy excellent sound quality. With high-definition audio, the audible range of the resulting sound is much wider than that of a conventional telephone. The Cisco SPA 509G provides high-fidelity, high-definition phones and speakers for accurate transmission of sound. This reduces fatigue on long-term calls and provides relief for those who use phones frequently during the day. Through High-Resolution Audio, participants can also clearly hear and understand other contents of the call, which helps improve conference call efficiency.

easy to use

Designing and using the SPA 509G requires minimal end-user training. The phone has several indicator lights that allow the user to know when to wait for a message, whether an accessory is in use, a colleague, headphone or speaker is present or mute the phone.

Below the backlit monochrome display are four buttons that control the soft buttons on the digital display. To avoid confusion and the need for different buttons on the phone, these switches provide access to functions that vary depending on the state of the phone: for example, whether you are on a call, not on a call, on hold, or on standby. a call. There are also twelve backlit buttons that can be used for speed dialing, line sharing, or other functions. Dedicated Voicemail, Standby, and Phone buttons give you easy access to frequently used functions.

Integrated Ethernet Switch Port

The SPA 509G provides you with two switch ports, with which you can connect both the phone and the computer to the network using a single Ethernet cable. If you connect the SPA 509G to a data socket on the network, the phone will keep the configuration file, speed connection and user settings. If you need to replace the machine, there is no need for a technician. By using the same cable to connect your phone and computer, you reduce the need for multiple cable separators and thus reduce the cost of adding new users.

  •  Fully functional 12-line enterprise-class IP phone with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Contact your Internet telephony service provider or your IP phone exchanger (PBX) directly
  • Cisco HD Voice provides unparalleled audio clarity and enhanced speaker quality
  • Easy to install, extremely secure remote configuration as well as web-based and list-based configuration
  • The Cisco Unified Communications 500 series small business supports both Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Smartphone Control Protocol (SPCP).

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