Razer announces the launch of the Anzu smart glasses
Razer announces the launch of the Anzu smart glasses

Razer has officially announced the Anzu Smart Glasses. The company is following in the footsteps of Bose, Amazon, and others by integrating speakers directly into the arms of the glasses.

At $ 199.99, Anzu sunglasses are available in rectangular and round frames of two sizes each: large and small.

Eyeglasses that work as headphones are getting more and more popular. After Bose launched their glasses in 2019 and Amazon Echo Frames in 2020, Razer is the next big company to go public.

Razer smart glasses can filter out blue light as well as transmit sound to your ears without completely blocking the surrounding sound.

The main difference between Anzu and Echo Frames is that blue light filtering appears to be the standard feature on the Razer version.

While you can mount corrective lenses over Echo frames, the standard options have no sun protection or blue light.

According to reports, Anzu weighs about 10 grams more than Echo Frames, and Amazon only offers one lens. Razer has two options: round or rectangular. You can use Anzu with glasses that can be converted into sunglasses.

It is not clear if Anzu glasses will come in multiple colors, including the company's unique green, but Amazon products do come in three colors.

Razer offers touch screen controls via the side panel. You can use them to manage music playback, answer or reject calls, activate phone assistants, or start game modes.

The glasses use a dedicated Bluetooth 5.1 connection that provides a 60ms delay and is designed to prevent sound from crashing.

Razer promises more than 5 hours of battery life, can save up to two weeks of standby time when you're not actively using the device, and a multi-directional microphone is installed on the board for callers to use. Listen.

Anzu is IPX4 rated mount, which means it is splash proof and comes with a carrying case, USB-A charging cable, and UVA / UVB polarized lenses.

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