Volkswagen dares Project Trinity
Volkswagen dares Project Trinity

Volkswagen has already released a trailer for its upcoming car called Project Trinity. "This car is a strategic part of what we call Accelerate. The goal of crystallization is that this is the dream car of our program," said Volkswagen CEO Ralph Brandstadter.

Through the photo, the company showed its first look at the design of the electric vehicle construction project, which is expected to set new standards in terms of range, charging speed and scanning speed, and which will also be able to pilot the aircraft independently. 4 standards.

The upcoming vehicle represents three main themes: a newly developed electronic platform, the latest software, an improved procurement structure, intelligent and fully networked production at the main plant in Wolfsburg.

The vehicle's newly developed architecture sets the standard for range, charging and scanning speed, and the Trinity enables multiple people to drive autonomously.

With the start of mass production planned in 2026, the car is expected to reach Level +2 and be technically ready for Level 4.

The vehicle is designed with advanced autopilot functions, electric remote propulsion system and fast battery charging technology.

According to the Volkswagen plan, the car is scheduled for production in 2026. It belongs to the group of cars, there are fewer variants of this model series and all components have been standardized.

This means that instead of building multiple prototypes of the same car with different functions, the company creates a form that lists everything. However, these various functions are only available upon request.

Tesla has shown something similar to its driver assistance technology that can be unlocked after purchasing a car, while BMW is trying to sell subscription-mode features and is looking for an extension.

The Volkswagen version can be expanded with functions such as all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive or GTI level activation, electronic damper adjustment and drive per mile.

According to the CEO, the parameters of any vehicle will not be determined by the devices at the time of future purchase. Alternatively, customers can activate required functions at any time via the vehicle's digital ecosystem, reducing the complexity of sex production.

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