AiBast MINI600 20MP 1080P Mini Trail Camera
AiBast MINI600 20MP 1080P Mini Trail Camera

AiBast MINI600 Mini Tracking Camera, 2 Packs 20MP 1080P, with 32GB Card Game Camera, Waterproof Hunting Camera, 80ft Night Vision to Monitor Wildlife

20MP photos and 1080p video

20MP picture / video resolution 1080P, day or night, all the great pictures in front of the game camera can be captured fully and clearly, so you can enjoy the wonderful wildlife.

Advanced infrared night vision

With 26 IR LEDs, the night vision range reaches 65ft and the glare-free night vision is 850nm, and it can hunt wild fauna and flora at night without disturbing them. You can always hunt wild animals even in totally dark environment.

Interval function

Regardless of whether the infrared sensor detects movement or not, the tracking camera automatically records images at all pre-set intervals. The plant growth process can be monitored.

Small size 4.1 * 3 * 1.7 inch and super hidden

The camouflaged miniature appearance allows this animal camera to blend in with nature in an ingenious way, and humans, wildlife and plants will not easily find it.

Flash speed trigger

The amazing takeoff speed ensures that this rear camera never misses the front action. You won't miss any exciting moment in the night either.

Easy to install and suitable for people of all ages

The wildlife camera can be easily attached to the tree using the included connecting cable. It can also be attached to the mount camera (button connection). Hunting camera is not included in the scope of delivery.

AiBast MINI600 20MP 1080P Mini Trail Camera
AiBast MINI600 20MP 1080P Mini Trail Camera

  •  [Clear video resolution of 20MP photos and 1080P HD videos, support 1080p / 720p recording. The photo resolution in the rear camera is 20MP / 16MP / 12MP. You are free to choose the resolution you need to have the best visual effect in the world of wildlife animation.
  • ADVANCED NIGHT VISION ACTIVATION FUNCTION] The 26 enhanced infrared lights do not have light flash, which makes our tracking camera an invisible device and does not invade the natural environment. You can pick it up at any time, even in the dark. 850nm Invisible Infrared technology supports super clear night vision. The maximum trigger distance is 25 meters during the day and 20 meters at night.
  • [Small Tracking Camera] Compared with other tracking cameras, this tracking camera is lighter in weight and appearance. Introduce a new visual experience and show yourself to another world of wild animals. You can install it anywhere, its hard to find. Easy to transport, assemble and disassemble.
  • [Low Energy Consumption] This new reversing camera only needs four batteries, reduces weight and allows you to get in and out of the car. In addition, as the standby power consumption is very low, the useful life can be extended. A 32GB microSD card is included in the facility. No additional purchase is required.
  • [The default settings are easy to use and install, ideal for most wildlife applications. In addition, it is very easy to install with anchor belts or anchor brackets. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact us. Our professional customer service will answer your questions within 24 hours.

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