Letscool A4 Wireless Camera for Home Security
Letscool A4 Wireless Camera for Home Security

Letscool A4 Wireless Home Security Camera - Rechargeable Battery Powered Wi-Fi Camera, 1080P Indoor and Outdoor Home Surveillance Camera with PIR Motion Detection, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Weatherproof

 Letscool Wireless Security Camera

This home wireless security camera is ideal for those who value security but want to avoid long distance wired connections. Features of this wireless camera include 1080p HD recording resolution, infrared night vision device, advanced motion detection and weatherproof cover to ensure the highest level of wireless security

 Long battery life to share with the family

The surveillance camera contains a long-life lithium-ion battery for power supply. To make sure you don't forget to charge it, we'll remind you through the app when the battery is nearly empty. By sharing multiple accounts, you can share surveillance cameras with multiple family members.

Recording in 1080p HD quality

The wireless security camera can record high definition 1080p video. With high accuracy, you can capture important details when an accident occurs on your property. In addition, this surveillance camera has a wide-angle field of view, making it ideal for entrances, open spaces, or many other applications to monitor residential areas or cities.

Smart PIR sensor

Thanks to the improved built-in PIR sensor, human detection can reduce the number of false positives received. It distinguishes human intelligence from things.

Important warnings in the event log

When you connect this wireless recorder to our app, you can view your wireless camera almost anywhere in the world. The app contains useful features that make monitoring your home easier than ever. When the wireless security camera detects movement or displays past movement events easily with an easy-to-read calendar, you can receive notifications directly on the home screen of your phone or tablet.

Two audio channels: Real-time response

With the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, you can talk directly to anyone near you in two-way voice.

IP65 waterproof design

Rain and snow do not work with wireless cameras. They continue to operate in temperatures as low as -20 ° C and as low as 50 ° C. It is recommended that you install the camera in a covered area such as a balcony or under the edges to provide additional protection to prevent component exposure and to keep the lens clean to prevent weather-related debris.

Letscool A4 Wireless Camera for Home Security
Letscool A4 Wireless Camera for Home Security

  •  [100% Wireless and Ultra Long Standby Time This wireless home security camera requires no cables to offer you more functionality, flexibility and installation freedom. The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last two to five months when fully charged (turn it on 10 times a day). To make sure that the battery is not forgotten, we will contact you via the Adorcam app when the battery is almost empty. (Requires 2.4G Wi-Fi, not 5G Wi-Fi)
  • [Two-way audio and multiple remote access] This wireless camera is equipped with built-in microphone and loudspeaker so that you can listen and speak using the Adorcam app. If needed, this unique feature will provide you with additional proof (such as audio). By sharing multiple accounts, you can share the camera with multiple family members.
  • [Improved PIR motion detection and alarm notification for your safety. Please don't leave them in the dark. Thanks to our app, you can stay up-to-date with activity thanks to push notifications that are activated by a mobile phone. You can now make sure that you can check-in after school or make sure the expected package arrives and send the notification directly to your smartphone or tablet.
  • [FHD 1080P and Night Vision Device] 24 hours to protect the safety of your loved ones and your property. With our wireless surveillance cameras, you can see two eyes all night long. With infrared night vision function, this outdoor safety camera can be seen in the dark night to protect your home.
  • 【IP65 surveillance cameras throughout the year for indoor and outdoor use all year round.

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