Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation Smart Sensors
Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation Smart Sensors

3rd Generation Arccos Caddy Smart Sensor (14 Sensors Set) | Equipped with a 2200 mAh portable charger PlayBetter | Golf GPS Live Ball Tracker, Distance | Kinda powered by GPS rangefinder

Third Generation Arccos Caddy Smart Sensor

Use the third-generation intelligent sensor system Arccos Caddy to make smart decisions and get lower scores, which now has a new AI. Powered by GPS rangefinder. Try the medium handicap obstacle in 5 laps!

One gender. GPS Rangefinder and packing tips take victory to a new level!

The AI ​​real-time GPS rangefinder setting function can be used for wind (including storms), slope, temperature, humidity and altitude, it also provides you with an Arccos caddy number, which is the most accurate number of meters in the game, as well as loads the box dedicated to the use of artificial intelligence. To give you the best strategy for a better and smarter performance, Stroke Benefits Analysis highlights your strengths and weaknesses and helps you choose your own practice and equipment.

Smart distance and advanced full analysis your guide to a better sport

Based on the advanced analysis presented in each round, develop a strategy for the next step. Your overall performance will be divided to guide your practice and assist you in selecting the best equipment. With the smart distance function, you know how far nearly every club should go, so you can choose the right shot for every shot.

Fully automated, hands-free shooting tracking and Intel® Developer Zone smart drop tips

Fully automatic, hands-free, snapshot tracking and data acquisition function can be turned on instantly and without interruption! It also has an AI upgrade feature that lets you see every hole in every lane in the world. Best Per-Hole Shooting Strategy + All Complete Kit of Smart Sensor purchases include the first year of subscription to the Arccos Caddy app from the date of activation.

1 Arccos Caddy Putter Sensor

Get smart analysis and information about your situation. The average first-year disability rate increased by 4.2 strokes, and some only had 5 rounds!

PlayBetter 2200mAh Portable Charger

Do not empty the battery! With the 2200mAh PlayBetter portable charger, you can charge your smart sensors and other devices at any time.

Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation Smart Sensors
Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation Smart Sensors

  •     [Product Package] - 3rd generation Arccos Caddy Smart Sensor (set of 14), GPS golf tracking system (iOS and Android) and PlayBetter portable charger
  •     [New AI GPS + Auto Tracking] - Arcco's Caddy will automatically track every shot and give you every digital restart cycle + first real-time countermeasures against wind (including storms), slope, temperature, humidity and altitude. A custom rangefinder will give you the Arccos Caddy number, which is the most accurate area of ​​code in the game.
  •     [Personal college counseling + advanced analysis] -A.I. Support will provide you with the best strategies and suggestions, while the advanced backup scanning feature will degrade performance and fail to guide your practice and choice of appropriate equipment.
  •     [Smart Distance Club Average + One Year] - With the Smart Distance Club Average feature, you need to upgrade all clubs to choose the right club for every hit and enjoy one of the free iOS and Android apps. The annual subscription to Arccos Caddy starts on the date of activation.
  •     [Perfect Package] - One of the most popular products in golf; For golfers who want to analyze the game in more detail, Arccos Caddy | 3G can't be beat The PlayBetter portable charger keeps your phone fully charged so you can use Arccos Caddy 3G all day during the cycle!

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