Longtous Mini Magnetic GPS GSM GPRS Car Tracking Locator
Longtous Mini Magnetic GPS GSM GPRS Car Tracking Locator

Mini Magnetic Car Tracker Long Distance GPS GSM GPRS Free Installation Location Hidden Car Tracker with Voice Monitoring and Stealth Monitoring, Suitable for Young Drivers, Old People and Children

This personal GPS tracker adopts the latest technology and provides the advantages of small size, long life, easy operation, stable function and convenient installation. It is widely used in home monitoring, caring for children, the elderly, pets, and tracking lost cars or other possessions.

  •      Size: 2 * 14 * 10 cm
  •      Small, light and easy to carry. Great for tracking vehicles, children, spouse, elderly, or property.
  •      Inside there are two strong magnets that can be easily attached to the vehicle without additional fastening.
  •      You only need a working SIM card (NOT included!). To put it in the device, you can track and map it in real time via the Internet (using Google Maps).
  •      Dial the SIM card number, you can hear the sound around the tracker when there is no light and noise, and you can monitor and quietly monitor the situation around the tracker.

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