AT&T TL96477 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone
AT&T TL96477 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone

AT&T TL96477 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Bluetooth Cellular Network, Call Blocker and Smart Answer Device, Silver / Black, with 4 Devices

Use AT&T TL96477 DECT 6 to say goodbye to unnecessary calls. The phone has an expandable Bluetooth connectivity function and a smart call blocking function as well as an expandable wireless phone. This landline phone can prevent the stolen phone from ringing for the first time. In addition to that, you can blacklist any number with just one click. Connect to Cellular Technology via Bluetooth on the AT&T TL96477 DECT 6. With an expandable cordless phone, you can receive cellular and / or landline calls from a telephone system with multiple speakers. Simply press a button to take advantage of the hi-tech features of your smartphone from your home phone. Even if your smartphone is in another room, you can still access Siri or Google Now on a wireless phone. Call, write or read a text, then do whatever other operation these services provide. With just one phone jack, you can add up to 12 devices in minutes.

4 cell phones. Connect 2 cell phones

By using BLUETOOTH to connect to your mobile phone, you can use this system to make and receive calls using cellular and landline plans while enjoying the convenience of a home phone system with or without a landline. Pair up to 4 mobile phones to the base station so you can connect at any time without pairing it again. The system can connect 2 of 4 paired cell phones at the same time to answer the landline or cell phone or make calls. Or, you can connect the mobile phone to a BLUETOOTH speaker.

Say goodbye to unnecessary calls

For the first time, automatic call ringing is automatically blocked. You can also blacklist up to 1000 names and numbers by pressing a separate button on each phone and base. To use the Smart Call Blocking feature, you must subscribe to the Caller ID service.

Stay in touch

Enjoy the long range and clarity of AT&T DECT 6.0 provided by the unique antenna design and advancement in noise filtering technology.

Easily check calls

The phone and landline announce the caller's name so you know who's calling without disturbing the phone. A subscription to your phone company is required to use the caller ID feature.

Complete reminder function

Digitally record incoming messages, outgoing ads, and memos for up to 22 minutes. The system also allows instant playback, selective storage or deletion, ignoring or copying of messages from phones and base stations, as well as remote access to listen to messages and edit outgoing notifications. In addition, the voice prompt can guide you through setting up the answering machine on your new phone, so you can be sure that you can record.

Never miss a call

Use a watch face and speaker, enjoy the freedom and mobility with 4 cordless phones, you can be sure you always know where you are. This system eliminates the frantic search for cordless phones.

Common phone book entries

You can program up to 200 names and phone numbers associated with the phone. You can quickly access the directory entries by scrolling alphabetically or typing the first letter of the name. Download up to 4000 phone book entries to the wireless phone.

AT&T TL96477 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone
AT&T TL96477 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone

  •      Smart call blocker
  •     1000 smart call block name and catalog numbers
  •     Caller ID announcement
  •     Power reserve
  •     Dual-use headphones and a simple headphone simulator
  •     High fidelity sound with special equalizer
  •     Access to Siri, S Voice, and Google Now
  •     Notification of action
  •     Multi-line virtual operation
  •     Ringtone sharing: Set up your phone to play iPhone ringtones wirelessly (iOS 4.1 or later).

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