RCA 25255RE2 Dect_6.0 2-Handset 2-Line Landline Telephone
RCA 25255RE2 Dect_6.0 2-Handset 2-Line Landline Telephone

Model: 25255 2 expandable cordless phone with answering machine that can support your home / office needs to pair wirelessly with other RCA 2 wire phones to create a system in minutes! Combine up to 10 devices to meet the needs of your office and take advantage of the following features: basic wired reliability and wireless flexibility, Voicemail backup display, digital answering machine with 60 minutes of recording with DECT 6.0 without interference to more than 100 names / phone numbers, phones with two speakers , 10 programmable speed dial numbers with one touch, 99 name / phone number certificates, easy-to-read backlit LCD display, walkie-talkie with relay function, two-line conference, do not disturb / data protection settings, headphone jack, screen can be switched from English to Spanish or French, with digital volume control, or desktop or wall mounting, compatible headphones with two-year warranty to help customer service. Please call 1.800 511.3180

 With digital answering machine

Sealed two-wire landline phone with DECT 6.0 wireless speaker. This phone system is ideal for people who need to move around the office with flexibility.

It grows with your business

Up to 10 devices can be expanded. You can wirelessly add multiple RCA desk phones (25260) or wireless devices (25055). just one

 Use RCA to easily create a two-line system

Use RCA to personalize your two-line phone. You can add up to 10 devices wirelessly using multiple desk phones (25,260) and cordless phones (250,255). Simply plug the base station into a phone jack and it will connect wirelessly to other devices. You can place it anywhere in the office. This two-line system is ideal for growing businesses.

  •  Two-line expandable phone, including cable dock and DECT wireless speaker with digital answering machine
  • It has a two-way speaker that allows both parties involved in a phone call to speak at the same time and hear the voice clearly as if they were facing each other.
  • Two-line conferencing plus 10 programmable one-touch express calls
  • Expand the system by adding up to 10 additional wireless devices or any combination of base units
  • The ability to intercom between phones. Compatible with other 2-wire RCA wireless desktop products
  • Integrated digital response and recording system, recording time 60 minutes
  • Call Maintenance Number / Caller Number 99 Name / Registration Number
  • Speakers and subwoofers on the base

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