Flashmen Small Hidden GPS Tracker Locator for Vehicle
Flashmen Small Hidden GPS Tracker Locator for Vehicle

Flashmen Vehicle GPS Tracker, [upgrade from IOT version. ] 4G Real Time GPS Locator is a small hidden GPS locator for vehicles, cars, people, assets, and equipment

It is a 4G LTE tracker

    LTE Advanced: A specification for high-speed mobile communications. Provides improvements to LTE standard with expanded coverage, higher throughput, and lower latency.
    IoT integration and 4G wireless networks: Even on the go, it can be used to establish high speed connections and connect a large number of IoT trackers.

This is a small and compact tracking device

    3400mAh Battery: The FL-100 GPS tracker is equipped with a high quality 3400mAh battery that provides up to 30 days of uninterrupted working time.
    Battery-powered tracker: No installation required, it can quickly switch between cars.
    LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN: This tracker is so small that it can fit in a bag / backpack and take it with you.

This is an intelligent tracker

    Geofence: Set up a safety zone for vehicles, people, things, or valuables and you will be notified when they leave or enter a certain area.
    Mileage & Statistics: You can easily locate the tracker in real time or display the tracker's position when and where, as well as display a log of whether the vehicle has exceeded the speed limit or not. Support recording track length, animation time, stop time, maximum speed, average speed with schedule.

Flexible settings

Optional tracking mode and adjustable refresh rate. Standard mode: Send location information every specified seconds, for example 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds ...; Sleep Mode: Send location information every minute. Longest ready time, even more than once per day.

Group management

Group Management Tracker supports up to 100 units. It is suitable for GPS tracking of vehicles, trailers, ships, ATVs, ATVs, steam boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, equipment, construction machinery, etc.

SIM card AT&T

You can activate your SIM card at any time, there is no expiration date. The monthly fee starts from 7.5

You do not need to renew, contract, activate or renew automatically at any time.

Flashmen Small Hidden GPS Tracker Locator for Vehicle
Flashmen Small Hidden GPS Tracker Locator for Vehicle

  •     ▚ AT&T Certified Equipment, Trusted Tracker: The FL-100 is an AT&T certified real-time tracker that you can fully rely on. You can access the report anytime from a smartphone (iOS and Android), Mac or Windows computer and monitor your car, kids, young drivers and older parents anytime and anywhere without restrictions.
  •     ▚ HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY: The FL-100 GPS tracker has a high quality 3400mAh battery that provides up to 30 days of uninterrupted working time and up to a year of standby time. Even when the car is turned off, the battery-powered tracker continues to operate. No installation required, you can quickly switch between cars.
  •     ▚ Built-in Strong Magnet: With strong magnet, this GPS tracker can be placed on any metal surface, for example B. On car seat or trunk. No other conditions are required. There are no sounds or lights making it a true hidden tracker for tracking vehicles and assets. Support geolocation, date, travel speed, travel route, group management and most convenient functions.
  •     ▚ INCLUDED INTERNATIONAL SIM CARD (DATA ONLY) CAN BE USED WITH MULTI-FUNCTION VEHICLE NETWORK: AT&T Global SIM card comes with GPS tracker. This global SIM card can search for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or any other network to automatically capture carriers and make sure your tracker is always connected. The monthly fee starts at $ 7.5 a month. There is no contract.
  •     ▚ Professional network platform and user-friendly application, real-time technical chat support: You can easily download our application to track your items on the phone. Professional tracking system is also available. Other functions can be found in our online tracking system. We provide online customer service for a better preparation on our website. Please always visit our website for technical support and find our website address in the description.

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